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It is absolutely critical you read this section to understand why K-9 Sweeps is the smart choice when it comes to bed bugs. Knowledge is key. We know the industry, the various inspection and treatment methods, and we know what works and what doesn’t work. K-9 Sweeps Chief Operating Officer is a leading expert in the field of Bed Bug Solutions - - K-9 Sweeps is the only local Las Vegas Pest Control Company that is licensed and insured that only handles bed bugs! We offer the latest and most advanced technology available for inspection and treatment options. When it comes to finding, killing and preventing bed bugs we will recommend and utilize the method that is best suited to your needs. We aim to educate and inform you about everything we do to ensure that you are comfortable with your choice so that you know you are making the best decision possible.

  1. We focus exclusively on bed bugs.
  2. We know how to find bed bugs.
  3. We know how to eliminate bed bugs.
  4. We know how to prevent bed bug infestations.

Don’t gamble with your brand!

K-9 Sweeps is a leading expert in the field of Bed Bug remediation. Hire us to inspect, detect, identify, prepare, eliminate and prevent Bed Bug invasions! Working with K-9 Sweeps LLC will enable you or your company to:

1. Attack a Bed Bug problem without any “learning curve”
2. Minimize exposure to legal disputes
3. Improve client relations and trust
4. Provide seamless and clear communication to residents
5. Coordinate inspections, notices, pre-treatment preparatory work, educational seminars, pest treatments and information on preventing future infestations.

K-9 Sweeps LLC delivers innovative k9 Bed Bug identification and solution services to Las Vegas, Nevada and the surrounding areas. Our “outside the box” mentality towards proactively detecting Bed Bugs will reduce costs associated with remedial Bed Bug control programs. K-9 Sweeps LLC will oversee and execute your complete Bedbug Solution program. Our trained experts will identify levels of infestation, coordinate pre-treatment details and manage treatment protocol for maximum effectiveness. K-9 Sweeps LLC will synergize your existing integrated pest management program through customized documentation of room “sweeps” and “alerts”. We work very closely with your pest elimination company, or can completely handle your situation, to identify Bed Bug “hot spots”. This practice reduces unnecessary pesticide use, increases the speed in which we identify Bed Bug infestation and aligns you with proactive situational awareness. There is no better feeling of confidence when a highly trained canine Bed Bug detecting team discloses your property to be “alert free”.

Why employ canines to detect Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug sniffing dogs are trained to work for food and love, not profits. Bed bug detecting canine teams can "sweep" a standard hotel room in 2-3 minutes with pin-point accuracy. A dog's "odor image" is significantly more complex than a human's perception of photographs. For example, from a single drop of urine one canine can identify another K-9's sex, diet, health and even determine whether this dog is dominant or submissive! Dog's can easily distinguish between ten different odor types. They have been employed successfully to detect mold, termites, drugs and arson components. Use of Bed Bug detecting canines has been acknowledged in the court system as an effective tool. A bed bug team is twice as accurate as a human inspector alone. Bed Bug detection canine teams can identify bed bug harborage in walls, under carpeting and baseboards and other inaccessible areas. Humans are traditionally limited to visual inspections rearing accurate results 30% of the time. Humans can take up to one hour per room to perform a thorough visual examination. Not good.

We are the smart choice!

All of our canines at K-9 Sweeps LLC are trained for 600-800 hours, by master trainer Bill Whitstine, from the Florida Canine Academy. Our handlers are simultaneously put through a rigorous exercise with carefully selected breeds. Any competitor can claim the above statement as truth. Separation occurs when the Bed Bug dogs actually arrive at our business location. Our unique training regime is performed daily without fail. Cage training insures the K9's remain quiet and discreet during inspections and examinations. Our bed bug canine scent detection teams are tested and 3rd party certified on a yearly basis by the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO).

Cage training ensures the canine
Cage training ensures the canine
remains quiet and discreet
during "room sweeps".

Scent discrimination wheel tests the canine every day to stay sharp
Scent discrimination wheel tests
the canine every day to stay sharp

A scent discrimination wheel is employed to keep the Bed Bug dog accurate at distinguishing between Bed Bugs, plaster, carpet fibers and other competing odors. Our Bed Bug canines engage in fitness training every day to insure they maintain a high energy level and can work with diligence. Bed Bug “hides” are performed to enable the canine to seek out Bed Bug activity in a real life setting. Our dog’s teeth are brushed regularly because gum disease can affect a canine’s nasal passages!


Meet “Sara” of K-9 Sweeps LLC Sara was rescued by Bill Whitstine, certified master trainer, from a shelter in Kentucky. In December of 2008 Sara was carefully selected by Joseph Restifo, our company President, to live and train in the Vegas area. Today she is part of the first canine Bed Bug detecting team to live and work in the Las Vegas area.

Thank you for visiting our website. We absolutely love what we do and are excited about the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us today about delivering this innovative solution to Bed Bug identification, treatment and prevention. You will be glad you did!



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