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Las Vegas Apartment Residents Complain of Bed Bugs
Posted At: March 13, 2010 1:05 PM | Posted By : admin
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Las Vegas Apartment Residents Complain of Bed Bugs

People living in a Las Vegas Valley apartment complex say that bed bugs are ruining their lives. These claims come just two months after Clark County officials had to shut down a local motel because of a bed bug infestation.

The apartment complex has rooms that can be rented by the week or month. Some residents say they've been dealing with the bed bug problem for weeks and something needs to be done.

Inside Kelly Barritt's apartment and on her bed you will find bugs crawling. "It's impossible to live with," said Kelly Barritt. The stains on the sheets she says are from the bugs bursting when she rolls over on them.

"My linens look like someone splattered spray paint all over the place," she said. Barritt first noticed the problem back in October when her one-year-old granddaughter showed signs of being bitten.

"Look at her back," Barritt says pointing to her granddaughter. "How would you feel?" She moved from one apartment into another at the same complex to get away from the bug problem.

"Within two weeks, we started getting bit like crazy again. It's to the point where they wake us up at night," she said. She says management brought an exterminator in to fog and spray but it has not been enough.

"We still have a problem." Barritt has been collecting the bugs for proof and she is not alone. "It's very hard. You can't sleep. You constantly have that feeling of something on you and it is," said Nancy, who won't reveal her last name.

Nancy also lives at the Blue Harbor Club and says she has a bed bug problem too. She showed us bites on her back and arms. She also wants something to be done.

Bed bugs are not new to the valley. Last November, Eyewitness News broke a similar story that led to a county investigation and temporary closure of a local motel.

With her options running out and her family suffering, Barritt is hoping somebody will help. "It tears me apart. If we could move, we would."

The management was not available for comment Sunday night. According to David Tonelli with the  Clark County Health District, the health district have been to the complex twice in Nov. and once in Dec.  He says the apartment management is addressing the problem.

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