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Renting or Purchasing an Apartment or Home In Las Vegas - A Home Inspection a Must!
Posted At: March 13, 2010 1:05 PM | Posted By : admin
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Renting or Purchasing an Apartment or Home In Las Vegas -

A Home Inspection is a Must!

The use of bed bug sniffing dogs is becoming more and more popular in the war against bed bugs.Through their extensive and unique training they are able to sniff out live bed bugs in even the hardest to reach spots in homes and businesses.  Bed bug sniffing dogs can inspect a single room in a matter of minutes as opposed to their human counterparts, which can often take hours.

Because Las Vegas has been so overrun with bed bugs recently, it has become necessary to hire a bed bug sniffing dog service to check out any new residences that people are considering renting or buying. Eradicating bed bugs can be a frustrating and costly experience.  Using bed bug sniffing dogs to check for potential bed bug infestations will allow you the peace-of-mind that any new residence will be bed bug free before you move in.

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If you are looking for bed bug sniffing canine services, contact K-9 Sweeps today.  We provide discreet and professional bed bug services and products to our customers throughout the Las Vegas Valley and also the surrounding areas.

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