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Las Vegas customer service lacking, bed bugs amongst complaints
Posted At: May 30, 2010 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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Las Vegas customer service lacking, bed bug complaints

An article in today's Las Vegas Review Journal, The Las Vegas Sunwas about the lack of customer service in Las Vegas. Bedbugs, once again, are amongst the complaints in Las Vegas."The complaints range from the disconcerting — abrupt and unapologetic employees, disappointing food, long waits for hotel service, slow cocktail service — to the egregious — lukewarm water, previous guests’ clothes left in the rooms, stained sheets, soiled toilets, overflowing garbage cans, trash-lined hallways and bedbugs."

It seems as though a majority of employees are just going through the motions of their jobs.  These are the employees that we trust to inspect our hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs? 

Here's a recent article from PCT Magazine by Dr. Michael Potter, professor of entomology at the University of Kentucky.

"In my opinion, this (bed bugs) is going to be the most serious pest issue of our generation," Potter said. "There’s going to be tremendous benefit to our industry" because as a result of the rapid spread of bed bugs, a growing number of Americans "will understand they are not entitled to a vermin-free existence. They’re going to sense, bug-wise, what it’s like to live in a third-world country."

A key reason bed bug problems are growing so rapidly is because it’s an insect "nobody wants to talk about," Potter added. "This is not just a North American problem anymore. It is literally a bug without borders. It’s a global resurgence."   Potter acknowledged that pyrethroid resistance has been an issue when attempting to control this increasingly ubiquitous pest, but manufacturers are investing significant financial resources into enhanced formulations and innovative technologies designed to positively address the problem even as resistant bed bug populations grow.  "We’ve looked at 110 populations collected throughout the United States (and) nearly 90 percent had the genetic mutations for pyrethroid resistance," he said. "The picture does not look good."

Yet even with articles being published like this about the resurgence of bed bugs, Las Vegas, a popular tourist destination, and a market who's economy is mainly based on visitor's, is lacking in customer service.  Las Vegas needs to step up to the plate and start providing exemplary customer service if it wants any chance to rebound and gain a customer base again - especially if our country is facing a global resurgence of bed bugs.  Would you want to visit Las Vegas, stay in a hotel, find bed bugs in your hotel room, state your complaint and get little or no response?  Better yet, how about the thought of bringing the bed bugs home with you - yikes!  If you encounter bed bugs and you live in Las Vegas or if you are visiting, you can rest assured that K-9 Sweeps prides itself in deliving top-notch, outstanding customer service.  K-9 Sweeps is a Las Vegas pest control company that you can trust.


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