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Got Bed Bugs? Exclusive Bed Bug Pest Control and Elimination Specialist in Southern Nevada
Posted At: June 28, 2010 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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K-9 Sweeps Bed Bug Pest Control, Elimination & Bed Bug Dog Detection.  We provide canine bed bug team inspections, certified bedbug dog detection & inspections, initial non-K-9 bed bug inspections, total eradication & bed bug exterminator services in all of Southern Nevada including Anthem, Boulder City, Coronado Ranch, Desert Shores, Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Lake Las Vegas, Mountain's Edge, North Las Vegas, Rhodes Ranch, Southern Highlands, Spanish Trails, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Sun City Summerlin, and Sunrise Manor.  We also travel outside of these areas if our services are requested.

K-9 Sweeps LLC is an exclusive Bed Bug Pest Control Company serving Southern Nevada.  The owner is also a Certified Canine Handler, specializing in Bed Bug Scent Detection.  He has extensive experience in the commercial, industrial and residential market place.  Focusing his efforts solely on these cryptic creatures enables him to stay current with new technology, treatment methodology and research.  Unlike other pest control operators, he has been able to bypass the daunting and complex obstacles typically associated with trial and error Bed Bug treatments.  He is truly an expert in this field and the smartest person you can engage to eliminate your bed bug problem.

WHY A BED BUG SPECIALIST?  If you do your research you will learn that to effectively eliminate Bed Bug infestations it is essential that you hire a true bed bug specialist! Bed bugs are the hardest pest to rid from a structure and require special tools and specific knowledge.  Do not waste your time or money with those who are learning on the job!  It is too difficult to change gears and become a "Bed Bug Expert" after routinely treating scorpions, ants, termites, rodents and cockroaches and other pests over the course of years. K-9 Sweeps methods are effective, eco-friendly and educational.  K-9 Sweeps is truly your best choice for BED BUG ELIMINATION - we are you true local Bed Bug Specialist.

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