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Are retailers ready for the bed bug epidemic or avoiding it?
Posted At: July 21, 2010 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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Is anyone actually preparing for the bed bug epidemic?

July 21, 2010:  Here's a survey done on a range of retailers that reported that many didn't seem to be doing much about the current bed bug epidemic.  Is there is a current bed bug epidemic?  Just search online and you'll find that bed bugs are now showing up at retailer's like Victoria Secret, Hollister's Abercrombie & Fitchoffice buildings, hospitals, shelters, apartments, homes and hotels & motels across the United States.  No one wants to talk about bed bugs, but they need to be prepared.  Bed bugs have become a reality and should be taken very seriously.  Pro-active bed bug training and procedures should be in place to deal with this epidemic.  Early detection is key.  If you suspect you have bed bugs, using a bed bug dog team to find and visually confirm all harborage locations will enable targeted eradication.  Frequently scheduled bed bug dog inspections can find bed bugs early, before they become a full blown infestation.

Whether you own a business, travel for business or are at home suspecting you may have come in contact with bed bugs, you will surely benefit by having K-9 Sweeps bed bug dog teams search your business or residence for bed bugs.  Bed bug dog team's are extremely accurate and can find and confirm infestations quickly.

K-9 Sweeps is an exclusive bed bug elimination and canine detection pest control company that serves commerical, industrial and residential customers in the Las Vegas Valley and the surrounding areas.  Contact our office today 702-586-5179 for immediate solutions.

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