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K-9 Sweeps on KTNV 13 Action News Las Vegas: Bed Bug Investigation
Posted At: July 27, 2010 2:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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"Anything less than 100% eradication is a failure in this business," Joe tells us, "You leave one female behind, they re-populate and you're back to where you started."

You asked, KTNV 13 Action News investigated.  KTNV 13 in Las Vegas air this story last night about a woman who has bed bugs in her Las Vegas apartment.  She rented the apartment fully furnished and is now being bitten by bed bugs on a constant basis.  KTNV investigates interviewed Joe Restifo, the owner of K-9 Sweeps and followed him on a bed bug dog inspection. 

"Las Vegas, NV- Some unwelcome guests in your home during these summer months are all those bugs.  Many of you have emailed us about a certain type of bug that's really getting to you and one local woman says her apartment isn't fixing the problem.   So we looked for answers to the problem of bed bugs and found a local company using another animal to battle the pests. Your bedroom is usually a place to relax, but not for Amy Yeh.  "We've been actually sleeping on the couch," she tells Action News.  When she tries to get some shut-eye in her bedroom, she says "We're so terrified of sleeping on the bed."

Amy can't sleep because she's worried about bed bugs.  "When we wake up in the morning we always discover bites all over our arms," she says, "I still have marks on me, I'm still scratching and all of these are definitely from bed bugs," Amy tells us.  Her arms, legs and feet are covered with bites. She says they all come from the little bugs. She's collected the bugs from her sheets and clothes and put them in a zip lock bag and she's sure they're bed bugs.  "The whole day it just constantly itches," Amy says.  She moved into the St. Tropez Apartments on Valley View near Sahara earlier this year. The apartment was fully furnished. Within a few months, though, bites started popping up all over her body.  "It was all over my neck and on my arm," Amy describes.  So she wrote this letter to her apartment complex telling them about the issue. She says it took them a few weeks to come in and spray, but that was all they did.

"The manager over there, he didn't really care at all," she says, "He didn't hire the certified pest control person to come spray down the house, they just told the maintenance guy."  But the bugs kept popping up, so she decided to email us.  "My coworker's like, you need to contact Channel 13," Amy explains.

Action News contacted an expert.

"Bed bugs in general, you really need to understand what it takes to get rid of them and spraying is just not it," Joe Restifo tells Action News. Joe is a bed bug professional. He says the battle against these pests is all or nothing.  "Anything less than 100% eradication is a failure in this business," Joe tells us, "You leave one female behind, they re-populate and you're back to where you started."

That's why Joe says just spraying won't do the trick. A visual inspection usually isn't enough either. You can see the adult bugs, but the babies are microscopic.  "Almost impossible to see with the naked eye unless you know what you're looking for," Joe says.  That's why he has his dog Sarah. She is a working dog. Joe's company, K9 Sweeps, uses the dog to sniff out the bed bugs.

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They took us along on a call. When Sarah finds them, she alerts him by sitting. He marks the area and comes back later to treat it.  Joe says bed bugs will die at 113 degrees, so he kills them with spray and heat.  But it's not always a simple task.  "They're very hard to get rid of, they're very hard to find," Joe says.

We told Amy's apartment complex what we learned from Joe. They assured us they're taking care of the problem by moving her out for a day, wrapping her mattress and box springs in plastic and letting them soak in the sun.  They plan to spray her whole apartment then come back 10 days later and spray again.

Action News checked out the Nevada law on this. It states: "the landlord shall at all times during the tenancy maintain the dwelling unit in a habitable condition...[a unit] is not habitable if it violates provisions of housing or health codes."  According to the Southern Nevada Health District web site: "Bed bug infestations can be considered unacceptable conditions."

Amy just hopes she can start living without these nightmares soon.  "I just want this all to go away I really do," she says.

We learned that bed bugs don't jump or fly, but again, if you don't kill every last one, they will re-populate.  If you have a bed bug issue, check out Southern Nevada Health District's guidelines on what you should look for and how to treat them, by clicking here."

K-9 Sweeps LLC is an exclusive bed bug elimination and detection pest control company that serves residential, business and commercial properties in Southern Nevada.  We also work with existing pest control companies pertaining to only bed bug issues.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you or answer any questions you may have.  We can be reached at 702-586-5179 or you can email us here.

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