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KVBC Channel 3 Reports on Bed Bugs in Las Vegas
Posted At: August 7, 2010 10:41 AM | Posted By : admin
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Bed Bugs in Las Vegas

Bed bugs were a topic on the Las Vegas local news again today.  KVBC Channel 3's Maria Silva was talking bed bugs.  She conducted a brief interview with Gregg Wears from the Southern Nevada Health District; conducted an interview with a tourist who recieved bed bug bites while on vacation in Las Vegas; and she also said that several strip hotels are using bed bug sniffing dogs.  You can read a brief recap below or view the segment here.

From KTNV's Maria Silva:  "Tourist Julie McCabe knows all too well the pain and suffering these little critters cause.  “The lower parts of my arms – I’m going to be scarred by a couple of them. Tuesday night, when I went to bed, I had over 30 bites on me.” “Within an hour of him laying on the couch he had about four or five bites on his arm. That’s what clued me in. It wasn’t hives and it was some kind of bug.”

Considered hitchhikers, experts say bed bugs are making their way back into the U.S. via international travelers who may bring them in suitcases or in other personal items.  The Health District tells us some of the properties on the Las Vegas Strip have an interesting way of detecting bed bugs: actual bed bug detecting dogs.

“The only good thing I can think of (about) bed bugs (is) we don’t think they can transmit disease from human to human,” Wears said.  It’s a little peace of mind for McCabe who, after two trips to the doctor, is left with the task of trying to get rid of the pests before she leaves Las Vegas. If you think your home is infested, experts recommend you call a licensed pest control company."

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