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Las Vegas Bed Bugs 2010
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Meet Southern Nevada’s Exclusive Bed Bug Pest Control Company
Only Exclusive Bed Bug Elimination Company in Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding areas!

      K-9 SWEEPS LLC:

      K-9 Sweeps LLC is the only exclusive Bed Bug Detection and Elimination
      Company serving Southern Nevada. We deal exclusively with bed bug
      infestations. Joseph Restifo, our Chief Operating Officer, is a licensed
      and insured Pest Control Operator in the state of Nevada. He is also a
      certified canine handler, specializing in bed bug scent detection. Mr.
      Restifo has extensive experience in the commercial, industrial and
      residential marketplaces. Focusing his efforts solely on these cryptic
      creatures enables him to stay current with new technology, treatment
      methodology and research. Unlike other pest control operators, Joe has
      been able to bypass the daunting and complex obstacles typically
      associated with trial and error bed bug treatments. He is truly an expert
      in his field and the smartest person you can engage to eliminate this
      haunting problem. 
      Bed bug infestations are complex and require extensive knowledge.
      Effective bed bug elimination requires an “outside the box” mentality. Bed
      bug treatment programs are unlike typical integrated pest management
      programs, as they require special tools and specific knowledge. It is
      difficult to change gears and become a “bed bug expert” after routinely
      treating scorpions, ants, rodents, termites and cockroaches over the
      course of years.
      To effectively eliminate bed bug infestations it is essential that you
      hire a trained expert who does nothing else! K-9 Sweeps methods are
      effective, eco-friendly and educational. GUARANTEED!

Our goal is to minimize downtime and room closures, simultaneously 
yielding effective results. Canine assisted bed bug examinations enable us 
to uncover specific locations bed bugs have infested with incredible 
accuracy. Once target areas have been marked we physically kill all life 
stages with dry vapor steam and HEPA vacuum units. We then employ a 
combination of low risk products to ensure immediate elimination of any 
remaining eggs, nymphs and adults.
Everything we apply has been tested by our experts for efficacy and 
ovicidal mode of action. Our guaranteed results are confirmed by the 
monitoring units we install post-treatment. K-9 Sweeps LLC is a results 
oriented company.  Our service protocol was developed with one goal in 
mind; FINDING AND KILLING BED BUGS! We will commit all the required 
resources, time and technology to rid you of this problem.
Are you tired of hearing the reason that bed bugs are back in the same 
area is that another guest must have brought them? The truth is that they 
were never completely gone. If one adult female bed bug is left behind in 
as little as two months your infestation will be back!
K-9 Sweeps LLC is completely immersed in bed bug (Cimex Lectularius) 
biology and technological advancements in treatment. We guarantee if bed 
bugs re-emerge within our 90-day service window K-9 Sweeps LLC will 
re-examine and treat accordingly until all signs of bed bugs are 

      K-9 Sweeps utilizes the services of a highly reputable training academy
      for their Scent Detection Canines. We chose the Florida Canine Academy, as
      they are the pioneer of Canine Bed Bug Scent Detection.  K-9 Sweeps LLC
      has the highest standards for Scent Detection Canines and maintains strict
      training procedures.  While other companies can afford the initial expense
      of a certified canine, most would be hard pressed to commit to the 365
      days of the year training regime required to maintain a canine. Our
      training protocol is necessary because our canines only alert to live bed
      bugs and viable eggs.
      §       Southern Nevada’s Only Exclusive Bed Bug Elimination Company
      §       Early Detection & Targeted Approach using Bed Bug Dog Detection Teams
      §       Treatment Preparation & Staging
      §       HEPA Vacuuming & Dry Vapor Steam to Kill Now
      §       Passive & Active Lures, Traps & Monitoring Devices
      §       Heating Units
      §       Mattress & Box Spring Encasements
      §       Pro-Active K-9 Inspections
      §       Post-Treatment K-9 Inspections
      §       Management & Staff Training
      K-9 Sweeps LLC will deliver the level of service that you deserve. If your
      existing pest control company has let you down or your bed bug complaints
      continue to increase, call K-9 Sweeps LLC immediately.  A specialist in
      the field of bed bugs will eliminate your bed bug problems and protect
      your brand. Call us today at 702-586-5179.
     “The keys to successful bed bug elimination are knowledge and early detection.” 

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