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Bed bugs making headlines in new stories across the U.S.: August 2010
Posted At: August 26, 2010 9:20 AM | Posted By : admin

The rapid increase of bed bug infestations in cities across the United States has created a bed bug frenzy and it appears to be getting worse on a daily basis. One person was even quoted as saying "you don't even want to hug anyone or have friends come over anymore."

Here's a brief recap of a "very small fraction" of news topics covering bed bugs that have been just been published.

In Las Vegas, My News 3 reported on August 6th that  "The Health District tells us some of the properties have an interesting way of detecting bed bugs:  actual bed bug detecting dogs."

On the Today Show, a guest and former bed bug victim, suggested bringing the bed bugs out of the closet and not being ashamed.

"According to the Boston Herald, bedbugs are taking over throughout the city and people are going out of their way to keep their critter crisis on the down low."

PRWeb reports a new list of the top 15 cities with bedbug infestations, according to the the stats gathered from a pest control company based in Memphis, Tennessee. The artice says that "Because of the bedbugs’ tendency to hitch rides from one location to the next, high-traffic areas such as hotels, motels, airplanes and cruise ships are especially susceptible to infestations."

The Vail Daily Letter in Colorado published an article with the author saying "I am so paranoid about it because the Vail Valley is not prepared to deal with this.  It comes from travelers."

In Wichita, Kansas a bed bug bootcamp is being held to educate managers of hotels, motels and the healtcare industry about bed bugs.

News 10 in San Diego County reports that bed bugs are causing problems in San Diego.

My Fox Houston reports that experts say bed bugs are on the rise in Houston.

In Columbus, Ohio, a state representative is calling an "emergency bed bug meeting."

The University of North Carolina is getting serious about bed bugs, as reported by MyFox8.com.

KAALtvNews 6  in Minnesota reports that "reports of bed bugs are sweeping the nation.  They've been found everywhere from hotels to movie theaters,and they're on the rise right in our own backyard."

The Palm Beach Post reported that bed bug infestations are taking root in Palm Beach County.

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