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Las Vegas Bed Bug Registry Complaints Continue To Rise
Posted At: January 13, 2014 12:01 PM | Posted By : admin
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LAS VEGAS BED BUG COMPLAINTS CONTINUE TO RISE:  Entries listed as of  11/13/15:  361

There is no central bed bug database or clear guidelines in Las Vegas on how to deal with bed bug incidents.  Properties each have there own way of handling bed bug complaints.  The bed bug registry lists some complaints, as do other sites but your best best is to always do a thorough inspection before checking into a hotel room.  If you do find bed bugs, request another room immediately.

Please note that when reviewing online reviews on the Bed Bug Registry, that although they may be valid complaints, as with on complaints posted on TripAdvisor and Raveable, the site owner of the Bed Bug Registry does not validate complaints.

Bed Bug Registry recommends that properties with bed bug complaints post a response stating how they handled the complaint or they can even dispute the claim online.  It is also important to note that Las Vegas hotels and motels do not bring in bed bugs, they are brought in by other guests.  But, when not detected and remediated the correct way, they can then spread.

A note from K-9 Sweeps LLC:  K-9 Sweeps is a Bed Bug Only Pest Control in Las Vegas.  We provide bed bug inspections, bed bug elimination and consulting for residential and commercial properties throughout all of Southern Nevada.  K-9 Sweeps values customer confidentiality and pledges to remain discreet.  It is our belief, along with our extensive list of clients, that hotels that who are proactive in the fight against bed bugs will receive much better reviews and have gained a larger customer base than those hotels who do not acknowledge bed bug problems. Staff training in bed bug biology is essential.  Bed bugs are in the news, they can be found in hotels, stores, theatres, firehouses and residential homes.  They are not going away.  The key to fending off bed bug infestations is bed bug knowledge, early detection protocol and a proper remediation plan.


November 13, 2015:  361
July 20, 2015:  339
January 13, 2014:  291
September 1, 2013:  284
October 22, 2012:  267
September 20, 2012:  263
April 23, 2012:  245
March 12, 2012:  240
January 18, 2012:  233
November 30, 2011:  226
September 26, 2011:  216
August 15, 2011:  203
July 14, 2011:  188
March 24, 2011:  165
February 4, 2011:  153
January 31, 2011:  151
November 15, 2010:  134
October 31, 2010:  125
October 5, 2010:  116
September 22, 2010: 111
September 6, 2010:  41

September 6, 2010:  Channel 8 News Now in Las Vegas reported that 41 hotels and motels in Las Vegas are currently listed on the Bed Bug Registry.  The article did not mention Las Vegas apartments that have complaints, yet their are 30+ also listed on the site.  Some of the addresses listed under apartments are actually hotel/motel properties, posted under the wrong category.  As public awareness about bed bugs grows, it appears that travellers's are not just posting bed bug claims on TripAdvisor anymore, but have found the Bed Bug Registry to lodge their bed bug complaints.

If you are unfamiliar with the Bed Bug Registry, here's an entry that was recently posted by the site's creator on the Bed Bug Registry's blog:

Helping Responsible Hotels
posted Aug 27, 2010

"One of the toughest aspects of running the site is dealing with cases where a hotel has received a bedbug report from a guest and dealt with it promptly and effectively (by calling in experienced pest controllers, treating adjacent rooms, and helping the guest make sure their belongings are properly treated before returning home, for instance by drying them on high heat).

Hotels understandably hate to be replica uhren listed on this website, and I hate to feel like we're punishing people who act promptly and responsibly to address bedbug complaints. At the same time, I believe it's very important to publicize the extent of the bedbug problem afflicting the US, and the fact that you can really come across them anywhere. So I encourage management and guests to write about the positive outcome, but I don't remove the posts from the site.

For what it's worth, in my travels I would much prefer to stay in a hotel that I knew had a sound bedbug policy and trained staff, and had dealt with complaints promptly, then take my chances in a place I know nothing about. We're approaching the point where there won't be such a thing as a hotel that's never had a bedbug encounter."

Even if the hotel has a protocol in place for bed bugs, you should make it a point to check your room for bed bugs before bringing your belongings into the room.  You can check with the hotel management and ask what there bed bug protocol is prior to reserving your room and again upon check-in. You need to remember that hotels do not bring in bed bugs, guests' do.  But hotels do need to get rid of the bed bugs once a problem is confirmed.  Whether the hotel uses bed bug dog team inspections (to confirm where bed bugs are before they become a full-blown infesation), vacuuming and steaming, heat to kill the bed bugs, traditional methods of pesticides; cryonite, encasements, or a combination of methods, hotels need tackle this ever-growing problem proactively, effectively and efficiently.

Bed bug dog teams' are also highly beneficial to confirm that all bed bugs have been eliminated by the contracted pest control company after the chosen treatment method is performed and before re-opening the room to the next unsuspecting guest.

By utilizing the programs and/or services provided by K-9 Sweeps LLC and also by engaging in proactive bed bug dog team sweeps, K-9 Sweeps LLC will continue to help make sure that Las Vegas remains a popular and "bed bug free" tourist destination and that Las Vegas does not become the bed bug central of the United States.

K-9 Sweeps LLC can be reached at 702-586-5179.

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