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What you need to know before you hire a pest control company
Posted At: September 13, 2010 1:16 PM | Posted By : admin
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You may or may not have bed bugs!  You should not pay for pest control to eliminate and treat bed bugs until you have evidence that you have them.  There may be companies who have technicians that are not trained in bed bug biology, resulting in bugs that can be incorrectly identified, as reported hereHere's an excerpt from the article:

"Entomologists like Sorkin, who do bedbug consultations by e-mail and post, often see carpet beetles, fleas, moths, book lice, and springtails that have been misdiagnosed by frantic homeowners or sloppy pest management companies. Richard Pollack of the Harvard School of Public Health has spent 15 years analyzing suspected bedbug infestations and claims that more than half end up being false alarms. More often than not, he says, the specimens turn out to be other household insects, bits of lint, sesame seeds, crumbs, or scabs. Mysterious red welts may also inspire fear, but ticks, mites, spiders, and mosquitoes are the more likely culprits."

If you reside in the Las Vegas valley and you think you may have bed bugs in your business or residence and are looking for a Las Vegas Pest Control Company, contact K-9 Sweeps LLC for a correct diagnosis.

K-9 Sweeps LLC is Las Vegas' exclusive BED BUG Pest Control Canine Detection and Elmination Pest Control Company .  We do not deal with any other pest.  Bed bugs are different than any other pest and require that a special protocol be followed for successful elimination.  K-9 Sweeps can be reached at 702-586-5179.


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