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Hotel Interactive: Bed Bugs are back
Posted At: September 26, 2010 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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Hotel Interactive and bed bugs:

Bed bugs are back and although hotels can't avoid them, there are ways that they can fight back against them.  One way a hotel can protect itself is by finding the bed bugs before the guests' do.  There are several methods being used, including training staff the look for signs of bed bugs, encasing mattresses and box springs, and by using bed bug sniffing dogs.  Judy Gangloff-Kaufmann, an entomologist from Cornell University, was recently cited in an article on Hotel Interactive:

"Bed bug-sniffing dogs have become a popular way to diagnose a bed bug problem. Gangloff-Kaufmann said they are useful in larger areas like hotels because they can pinpoint a problem. If the dog hits on one spot, she said, it’s likely the only spot that needs to be treated. If the dog hits on a few spots in the room, it’s probably necessary to treat the whole room."

She also says:

"But the pests' impact on the hospitality industry is particularly notable because it strikes at the heart of a hotel's product: a clean, safe and comfortable place to stay. The anxiety about being bitten can lead to sleeplessness, which is counter to a hotel's mission to offer a pleasant night's sleep."

About hiring a PCO to find and eliminate bed bugs:

"Gangloff-Kaufmann cautioned that there are many questionable, untested products that have popped up on the market recently. She recommended finding a certified, insured exterminator who is registered with the state. There is no specific certification for treating bed bugs, but hotel staffs can check an exterminator’s references or research its reputation online.

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