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Bed Bug Scams
Posted At: October 4, 2010 8:06 PM | Posted By : admin
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How to protect yourself from bed bug scams

Pest control companies in Las Vegas and throughout the United States may be playing on the panic and fear that the recent resurgence of bed bugs is causing.  Here's a video and an article published in Ohio today about precautions to take when looking for a bed bug pest control company.

If you live in Las Vegas, Henderson or anywhere in Southern Nevada and you need an extremely knowledgeable, professional, honest and reputable bed bug exterminator, bed bug specialist or bed bug pest control company, then look no further.  K-9 Sweeps LLC is truly your best choice.  We are a fully insured and licensed "exclusive" Bed Bug Pest Control and Canine Scent Detection Company.   That's right, we even employ a trained and certified bed bug dog to find all of the harborage locations that need to be taken care of!  The company holds a Nevada Pest Control License with the Nevada Department of Agriculture and is also a member of the Nevada Pest Control Association. 

It is our protocol to detect and fully eradicate bed bugs.  K-9 Sweeps will not treat for bed bugs if we cannot find physical evidence that you have bed bugs and other companies should not treat without physical evidence of bed bugs.  Why pay for bed bug treatments if you do not have bed bugs?  It may be carpet beetles or another type of pest that you are encountering. 

Contact K-9 Sweeps today at 702-586-5179 and we will promptly schedule you for an inspection.  If you have bed bugs we will show them to you and provide a detailed site survey and go over what your options are for eradication.  K-9 Sweeps is your local bed bug specialist.

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