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Bed bugs close San Diego firehouse. It is important to find bed bugs before they find you!
Posted At: October 5, 2010 2:58 PM | Posted By : admin
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Bed Bugs Close San Diego Firehouse #1

Bed bugs are infesting cities across America from New York City to San Diego.  Now they are closing firestations in California.  As reported by NBC in San Diego, the San Diego Fire Department has closed fire station #1 and is currently dealing with trying to eliminate the bed bugs and also trying to stop them from spreading to other firehouses.  The fire department has already spent $46,000 in extermination fees and this job is expected to be the most expensive yet.  Fire officials are being forced to find a way they can minimize and prevent the problem from continiuing.

Bed bugs are extremely hard and can often be expensive to eradicate.  Early detection is key to fending off full-blown infesations.  With a price tag of $46,000 it sounds like this firehouse did not have an early detection plan in place. K-9 Sweeps LLC specializes in early detection for bed bugs.  We send out canine bed bug inspection teams either monthly or quarterly to find bed bug harborage locations in commerical facilities before they turn into a major infestation.  This is called a "proactive bed bug sweep" and will help protect your facility.  We will recommend and work with you to find the best solution to fit your current needs.  It is important to find bed bugs before they find you!  Contact K-9 Sweeps at 702-586-5179 or visit our website at www.K-9Sweeps.com for more information. 

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