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The bed bug media frenzie; bed bug dog false positives; just say show me the bug!
Posted At: November 11, 2010 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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Bed bugs are in the news everywhere!  And so are stories of bed bug scams.  Of course if customers have bed bugs it requires bed bug treatments and bed bug work means profits for pest control operators.  But this doesn't mean that ALL pest control companies are scamming customers into expensive, unwarranted bed bug treatments.  Many, many of the initial bed bug inspections that K-9 Sweeps in Las Vegas performs prove to be bed bugs; but many, many initial inspections turn out to be something other than bed bugs.  Sometimes it is a different bug; sometimes we cannot figure out what the symptoms are from, but homeowner's are elated to find out that they do not have bed bugs!  Homeowners or business owners should not pay for bed bug treatment when there are no bed bugs!  We have had many, many calls where the customer says "I am sure that I have bed bugs, I am positive!" - yet after the initial inspection and
monitoring there are simply no bed bugs or bed bug evidence.  You must say "show me the bed bugs!"

I read an article on Bedbugger today about the bed bug media hype. One of the benefits of the bed bug media hype is that it is raising awareness about bed bugs.  Education and knowledge are key. I think that without even knowing it the media is slowly educating the public about bed bugs, although sometimes they miss some key factors.  For instance, when the news published recent stories about the "top 10" and the "top 15" infested bed bug infested cities, they neglected to mention that
this d
ata was only based on how many cases Orkin and Terminix treated in the various cities.  There currently is not a centralized bed bug database to track bed bug infestations in the United States. 

Another factor that the media is missing is that not all companies with bed bug dogs are having false alerts reported.  There will always be people out to make a buck anyway they can.  But there are also honest and hardworking individuals and business owners.  Those are the companies that succeed.
Unfortunatley some exterminators will spray for bed bugs when there are none.  If a bed bug dog is overworked, if it is not properly trained and maintained, if it is not working as a team, there can be false alerts.  A bed bug dog is a tool for locating where bed bugs and bed bug eggs are located.  Again, whether you hire a pest control company with a bed bug dog or one that provides a visual inspection, it is imperative that you have them positively id the pest they find and you should always say "show me the bug!"

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