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Are there bed bugs in Las Vegas?
Posted At: November 30, 2010 1:37 PM | Posted By : admin
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Yes, there are bed bugs in Las Vegas.

Bed bugs can be found in homes, nursing homes, hotels, motels, schools, daycare facilities, movie theatres, thrift stores, consignment shops and countless other places in Las Vegas.  No one is immune from bed bugs.  They are tiny hitchhikers and can be brought anywhere by anyone.  A hotel room or apartment can be bed bug free one day and then the next day bedbugs can be brought into that same room by another guest or tenant.  All apartment complexes and hotels need to implement bed bug plans to prevent bed bug complaints.

Travellers would be less apt to post complaints if they knew that management is taking the proper steps to protect them from bed bugs?  As a landlord, wouldn't you rather rent an apartment with with the ability to provide the new tenant with documentation stating that the apartment was bed bug free upon move-in.  When bed bugs are in an apartment or hotel room, shouldn't management and staff know how to handle the situation?

Some Las Vegans still seem to be hiding from bed bugs instead of dealing with the problem.  Just today "
Las Vegas Vegas, a site that posts about the Vegas Poker scene, posted:

"The nationwide concern over bedbugs in hotels had us consult the Bedbug Registry, and we can now rest easy that there are no findings in the database for Las Vegas.  However, in Henderson, there are reports at Green Valley Ranch and Sunset Station.  We often have staycations in Las Vegas hotels (mainly on the Strip), and we've never encountered or heard of bedbugs living there (though there was the waterbug outbreak at Luxor a few years ago).  But it's nice to know there's a public service in the registry if needed."

So I checked the bed bug registry myself, and there are actually 60 hotels listed with 137 entries about bed bugs.  Maybe this was a posting trying to give unwarranted negative press to Green Valley Ranch and Sunset Station?  I'm not quite sure.  But regardless, business that do not have a bed bug protocol need to act quickly!  K-9 Sweeps offers bed bug consulting throughout cities in the United States including locally for Las Vegas and Henderson for:

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  • hotel and motel management and staff
  • facilities maintenance staff
  • real estate professionals
  • apartment complex managers
  • property management companies
  • homeowner's associations
  • home inspection companies
  • Las Vegas pest control companies
  • Henderson pest control companies
  • consignment shops and second hand furniture dealers

K-9 Sweeps can be reached at 702-586-5179 or by visiting www.K-9Sweeps.com

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