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Court Verdicts Find Hotel Owners Liable for Bed Bug Complaints
Posted At: December 4, 2010 11:05 AM | Posted By : admin
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Court Verdicts Find Hotel Owners Liable for Bed Bug Complaints

"Bed Bug infestations at hotels can result in guilty verdicts against hotel owners if conscious and deliberate behavior led to infestations going untreated." - Hospitality Risk Solutions

The recent surge in bed bugs and the increase in litigation against hotels, motels and landlords is increasing.  Bed bug lawsuits and negative publicity is something that hotels and hotel risk management personnel want to avoid.  Recent news states that a typical compensatory damage claim is $200,000, and many suits claim punitive damages.  On the brighter side plans can be put in place to become bed bug proactive.

Hotels and commercial facilities need a sound bed bug management plan. 
A comprehensive bed bug protocol includes knowledge and early detection; training management, staff and housekeeping personnel on the early warning signs of bed bugs; set plans to deal with sightings and complaints; 
being proactive by utilizing a highly trained bed bug dogs keen sense of smell to locate infestations; and thorough bed bug dog inspections to confirm that bed bugs are eliminated after treatments.  K-9 Sweeps LLC Bed Bug Pest Control in Las Vegas provides Bed Bug Consulting Services;
proactive bed bug K9 inspections; bed bug eradication services; training and post-treatment bed bug canine inspections.  For questions or concerns or to learn how to protect your property from bed bugs contact
K-9 Sweeps LLC for a consultation by calling 702-586-5179; visit www.K-9Sweeps.com or you can send an email to Karen@K-9Sweeps.com 

Here's a quote from the article published by Hospitality Risk Solutions:  "Finally, a fairly standard punies regime requires a plaintiff to prove some type of conscious and deliberate behavior on the part of the defendant.  In Mathias, the hotel owners were informed about the bed bugs.  Instead of paying for a $500 extermination, the owners allowed the bed bug situation to fester for nearly two years.  It was widely known the hotel had bed bugs.  There were certain rooms that employees were not supposed to rent out because of the bugs, yet the rooms were rented if there were not enough other rooms available.  Guests were informed the bugs were ticks (as if that’s better!).  Under these circumstances, the court upheld a punies verdict of $186,000.  If proving notice in the Maryland cases will require the discovery of significant facts, for punies the bar is even higher."

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