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Bed bugs are becoming even more resisistant to pesticides
Posted At: January 19, 2011 10:51 PM | Posted By : admin

Bed bugs are becoming even more resisistant to pesticides

Jan. 19, 2011:  Researchers at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst reported that in New York City alone bedbugs now are 250 times more resistant to the standard pesticide than bed bugs in Florida, due to changes in a gene controlling the resilience of the nerve cells targeted by the insecticide.

The article published by the Wall Street Journal also mentions that bed bugs appear to have nerve cells better able to withstand the chemical effects, higher levels of enzymes that detoxify the lethal substances, and thicker shells that can block insecticides.  "These bugs have several back doors open to escape," said evolutionary entomologist Klaus Reinhardt at the University of Tuebingen in Germany, who was familiar with the new research but wasn't involved in the projects. "Simple spraying around of some pesticides may not [be enough] now or in the future."  In an era of antibiotic-resistant infections and herbicide-resistant weeds, the ability of bed bugs to survive once-lethal doses of insecticides is the newest evidence that efforts to eradicate pests that plague humankind may make some of them stronger. It is a key reason for the spread of bedbugs in the past decade.

As research has concluded, there is currently no silver bullet or pesticide that can be used alone for bed bug elimination.  But there are altenatives for successful bed bug elimination.  For effective bed bug pest control and elimination contact K-9 Sweeps LLC in Las Vegas.  Call our office today at 702-586-5179 or you can email any bed bug questions you may have to Karen@K-9Sweeps.com


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