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Bed Bugs Invade - Yes, even Las Vegas!
Posted At: January 20, 2011 10:48 AM | Posted By : admin
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As mentioned in this article from KTNV Local Las Vegas Channel 13 Action News, bed bugs are invading!  Unless you're living in a media blackout, you know bedbugs are back. And not just back, but apparently everywhere: hotels, apartment buildings, the mall, the subway, the movies! Dr. Dini Miller, associate professor at Virginia Tech and Urban Pest Management specialist for the state of Virginia said: "The media is freaking out like crazy." And so, probably, are you.

If you think you have bed bugs it is best to take immediate action and call in a professional that knows about bed bug biology and has a proven track record for bed bug identification, detection and total elimination.  Bed bugs multiply rapidly and can quickly turn into a full blown infestation.  Research has proven that bed bugs are resistant to many pesticides.  To effectively kill bed bugs an integrated pest management approach must be used.  K-9 Sweeps has the proven protocol in place to successfully find and eliminate all bed bugs and bed bug eggs.  Contact K-9 Sweeps for a bed bug inspection.  Our office staff will guide you on what steps to take and will walk you through the process of total elimination. 

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