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Current Bed Bug Eradication Treatment Methods Used
Heat Treatment, Cryonite, Vikane Gas, Pesticides
Posted At: March 13, 2010 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin

Heat Treatment: One example is ThermaPure.  This method uses heat to kill the bed bugs. The Thermal death point of Bed bugs and Bed Bug Eggs is about 114 degrees. This method raises the internal temperature of your structure to a temperature of 130 to 150 degrees, and is held there for around two to four hours. This ensures that the temperature in the walls and in any furniture reaches the minimum of 120 degrees, thus killing bed bugs and eggs. 

Pros: No insecticides are used, If performed correctly only one treatment needed, most belongings can remain in your house and will be treated.

Cons: Difficult method to use for multi-unit dwellings, Precautions must be taken for heat sensitive belongings, No residual killing if any bed bugs survive re-infestation can occur, cost.


Cyronite: This method of treatment utilizes subzero CO2 "snow" to kill bed bugs on contact.

Pros: No insecticides are used, Dry CO2 can be used in and around electrical sockets,Kills instantly

Cons: It is a contact kill only - no residuals effects, any bed bug harborage that is not hit directly can survive.

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Vikane Gas
: This method uses fumigants to kill bed bugs. Normally only used in major infestations

Pros: Fumigants reach deep into cracks and crevices, killing bed bugs, if performed correctly this can be a fast method for killing bed bugs

Cons: This method is not legal in all states, Cost, hard to treat multi-unit dwellings, everyone including pets must evacuate the structure.


Conventional Pesticides: This method uses pesticide sprays and dusts

Pros: Normally the least expensive option, can be used in all building types, uses pesticides with a residual killing effect typically between 14 to 30 days.

Cons: This method needs multiple treatments - typically 2 to 3 visits. The sprays and dusts do not kill bed bug eggs

Note: A proper and diligent inspection of the property to verify bed bug activity and locate the bed bug harborage is the most important aspect of bed bug control. The use of steam (to kill eggs) and diligent vacuuming is also very important. In muti-unit dwellings sealing cracks and crevices (paying attention to electrical outlets) will help to stop the spread of bed bugs from unit to unit.

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