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Is Southern Nevada ignoring bed bugs?
Posted At: November 30, -0001 12:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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Are businesses in Southern Nevada ignoring the outbreak of bed bug infestions?  Does Southern Nevada need to adopt stronger bed bug regulations?

Another bed bug news story was published in an article by the Henderson, NV Press on May 26, 2011,  "Like cheating on a spouse or embezzling company funds, likewise, almost everybody shies away from recognizing or even talking about the bedbug problem in Southern Nevada."

"Infestations are more common than might be imagined, and devastating economic impacts would occur in the local hospitality industry if a trend in unmanaged outbreaks became widespread knowledge and nobody - the Southern Nevada Health District nor the mattress, bedding and furniture industries - can come to grips with regulations aimed at eradicating Cimex lectularius."

A second article and video also published today from by KPHO Channel 5 in Phoenix shows how bad an infestation can get if it is not detected early.  The victim arrived and owner stated that "the first bed bugs about a year ago, after he rented a mattress and bought some furniture from a Rent-A-Center store in Phoenix.  I never had the bed bugs until we got the furniture," Neal said."If Rent-A-Center doesn't step up and help us, they will just have to take a match and torch the place and we're out on the street."  "Rent-A-Center has offered Neal $7,000 to pay for exterminating costs and other expenses."

A third article discussing bed bug legislature and laws was also released today.  AZ Central.com published this article on how Arizona state legislators approved a law in May 2011 that will take effect his summer.  The law "makes it illegal for a landlord to knowingly lease out an apartment infested with bedbugs. Landlords also have to provide current and new tenants with material on how to spot and control the pests."  "On the other side of the equation, tenants are forbidden from knowingly moving any bedbug-infested materials into a dwelling unit. And once they spot a problem, they have to let a landlord know in writing or by e-mail."

And finally a fourth article issued today was released.  Orkin's bed bug study for the first half of 2011 ranked Las Vegas as number 13 out of 50 as a city with bed bug problems.  Other research has stated that either you will or will know someone who has encountered a bed bug infestation.   Knowledge and early detection are key to limiting your exposure and the financial impact that can be caused by bed bug infestations.  For more information contact our Las Vegas bed bug hot line at 702-586-5179.


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