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K-9 Sweeps attends Las Vegas Elementary School Career Day
Posted At: June 10, 2011 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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K-9 Sweeps owner and one of our customer service specialists were invited to present at a local elemenatry school Career Day hosted by Eisenberg Elementary School in Las Vegas.  The presentation was to the fifth grade student body as well as a number of faculty members and covered information regarding always striving to do your bes, educating the students about bed bugs, and also bed bug dog canine scent detection demonstrations.

The students just loved the bed bug dog!  They were fascinated that a trained dog was able to find bed bugs!  They were also fascintated to see how tiny bed bugs can be and to learn what bed bugs look like and where they can hide.

K-9 Sweeps received the letter below and also received about 100 personalized thank you notes from each student who attended.   Thank you to Eisenberg Elementary School for inviting K-9 Sweeps to be a part of your 2011 Career Day.  As part of our ongoing efforts K-9 Sweeps is commited to educating the public on bed bug awareness.  If you know of a local school or organization that would benefit from our services, please contact our office!

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