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Bed bugs spreading through Las Vegas Apartments
Bed Bug Dog Inspections currently the best method to find bed bugs
Posted At: June 26, 2011 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin
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June 2011:   Below is a picture of a bed bug captured by a resident of a Las Vegas apartment complex.
K-9 Sweeps LLC was called to do a visual bed bug inspection of a 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Las Vegas.  Several bed bugs were found throughout the apartment but there were no harborage locations identified.  The visual inspection findings indicated that either the tenant was bringing them in from an outside source or the bed bugs were possibly migrating from an adjoining apartment.

The apartment complex owner hired K-9 Sweeps to conduct a canine bed bug dog inspection of the entire building.  Results of the bed bug dog sweep and visual confirmation by the certified bed bug dog handler confirmed that bed bugs were in all rooms of the two of the above apartments, and the bugs were migrating through the walls and electrical outlets to the below units. Treatment is currently in progress and a bed bug educational seminar has been planned for all tenants.

If you find a bug in your residence, K-9 Sweeps highly recommends you capture it with scotch tape and securely sealing it in a zip lock bag.  The pest can then be identified by a pest control expert.

If you are a Las Vegas landlord or a Las Vegas real estate investor, it is recommend that you conduct canine bed bug inspections on a regular basis.  Proactive bed bug inspections can pinpoint bed bug infestations in the early stages, before they infiltrate your entire complex, thus potentially saving thousands of dollars in bed bug elimination efforts.

Contact Las Vegas based K-9 Sweeps at 702-586-5179 for all of your bed bug inspection, extermination and bed bug pest control needs.  We are the local bed bug expert, we specialize in ONLY bed bugs. 

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