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Selecting the Right Las Vegas Pest Control Company for Bed Bug Inspections and Removal
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Selecting the right bed bug pest control company (exterminator) in Las Vegas can be difficult. Not only are bed bugs relatively new to the pest management industry, they are also extremely difficult to eliminate.   When looking online and in telephone books some may list themselves as bed bug specialists or bed bug experts, but this should only be an indicator and not a deciding factor.  Bed bugs are known in the pest control business as the hardest pest to eliminate from a structure and knowledge is key!

Find a Bed Bug Pest Control Company in Las Vegas: Narrowing Your Best Options

According to Andy Architect of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), there are more that 20,000 pest management firms operating in the United States. Unfortunately, not all companies specialize in bed bug removal and remediation.  Here are some steps to help narrow your options and find the best bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas:

Be sure to utilize companies that are registered to apply pesticides by the pesticide regulatory agency in your state. Lacking this license should serve as an immediate red flag. To find pest control licensing information you can visit The Nevada Department of Agriculture at http://agri.state.nv.us/PCO_index.htm

Use a company that uses integrated pest management (IPM) services. IPM minimizes the use of pesticides. Companies that utilize an IPM approach are more likely to provide ongoing bed bug monitoring and a multi-step approach to bed bug elimination.

Ask companies about their membership in recognized national, state, and local pest control associations. Membership to these associations requires periodic evaluation of their pest management protocols as well as ethical business practices. Some key associations to look for are The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and The Nevada Pest Control Association.

Use a company that provides a bed bug inspection service.  Utilizing a bed bug dog inspection is currently
the most effective tool to locate all bed bugs and eggs.  Ask if the dog and handler are 3rd party certified as a team.  The canine team should be certified yearly by a third party organization.

K-9 Sweeps bed bug dog teams are certified by the World Dog Detector Organization (WDDO).  A third party certification is essential and should be available to the prospective client that one is held.  The certifying organization and the canine team should not have a business relationship - this is the only true measure of a canine scent detection teams' accuracy.

Ask companies how they will get rid of your bed bug problem.  Bed bug sprays alone do not work.  A good company should utilize some, if not all overwatch cosplay costumes, of these procedures: hepa-vacuuming, steaming, mattress encasements, bed isolation, cryonite, and/or heat treatment.

Things You Should Do: Customer Cooperation

Insist on a bed bug dog inspection of the entire residence before starting treatment.

Bed bug treatments should be based on actual physical evidence of bed bugs and not just a flat price.

Educate yourself on bed bugs, the company's inspection findings, what they will be doing, prevention and if the company offers a warranty on the service.

You should be provided with a thorough follow up program that is not based upon a minimum number of visits but rather is based upon the current status of the bed bug activity. If noted in the warranty (which is a must), follow-ups should continue if you notice bed bug activity or until control or elimination is achieved. 

When treating for bed bugs, the company should recommend follow up actions customers can take to enhance the treatment process. Do your part and follow these  recommendations.

Do not base your decision on an ad or price alone.  An accurate and thorough inspection is a necessary step to quote a bed bug job.

Ask about the company's treatment plan options and agree on a pricing structure. Bed bugs can be a pricey pest to eliminate so the cheapest service is rarely the best.

Stay in touch with the company if you notice bed bug activity.  Walk your home with the pest management professional during each visit to keep track of what work is being done.
Educate yourself! Education may be the most valuable tool in the fight against bed bugs in both prevention and treatment.

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