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The Bed Bug: One Small Bug That Is Creating Havoc Across The United States
Posted At: January 27, 2012 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin

January 27, 2012 – Due to the cooler temperatures in winter, typically bed bugs are less active.  2012 is proving to be the exception – bed bugs are not slowing down due to colder temperatures either in New York or across the country in Las Vegas.

Several reports have hit the news.  In New York City, The Ritz Carlton hotel reportedly had a bed bug incident; an elementary school in Greenwich, CT is tackling bed bug eradication efforts; in New York City alone, in Laurel County, KY, WKYT27 reports that a children are still attending school even though bed bugs are confirmed; in Pennsylvania, Kistler Elementary School officials found a single bed bug and had to relocate all of the students to another classroom.  Rocky Mountain College in Montana had an outbreak of bedbugs in one of its residence halls last semester and is continuing to treat two vacant rooms to make sure the pests don’t return.

In New York City, The Bed Bug Registry reports that there are 4,490 bed bug related posts reported, 43 of them have been posted since January 18th, 2012 alone.  Raveable’s reports show that there is a lower risk of bed bugs in New York City Hotels, reports are down 20% butacross the country in Las Vegas, there are currently 106 hotels with bed bug reports.

In September 2010 there were only 111 bed bug reports in Las Vegas and as of January 18th, 2012 there were 233 incidents -  bed bug reports have more than doubled in Las Vegas!  Raveable reports that bugs  are growing at an alarming rate and there is currently a 9.4% increased chance of bed bugs in Las Vegas.

Also in January 2012, Infectious Disease News reported that  improved strategies are still needed to combat bed bug infestations.  The report states that insecticide resistance is the likely blame and that “researchers discussed public health problems associated with bed bugs, as they cause physical and psychological discomfort, allergies, secondary infections and have a significant financial effect on 
businesses and the homes of many. “In 2010, for the first time, almost every pest control agency has reported that bed bugs are their No. 1 concern — superseding cockroaches and termites.”

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