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Las Vegas Bed Bug Pest Control & Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs: What You Need To Know
Posted At: February 8, 2012 1:00 AM | Posted By : admin

Choosing the right company for bed bug pest elimination is exceedingly important.  Bed bugs are a significant challenge to homeowner’s and they have been showing up in houses and businesses throughout all of Southern Nevada.These pests are not a sanitation issue; you can have them in your home even if you keep replicas hublot everything squeaky clean!Finding a pest control company who specializes in bed bug detection and eradication is crucial.Understanding what to look for in the right pest control professional is also a component of the battle, so we suggest using these tips to help you and your family choose the right Las Vegas Bed Bug Pest Control Company.

A reputable pest control company will be extremely knowledgeable in bed bug biology, inspections and treatment methodology.The company will offer the treatment method that is right for your bed bug infestation and will offer a very strong warranty to back its services.The best company’s should also offer the latest and best inspection methods available.Utilizing canine bed bug dog inspection services can accurately and quickly locate harborage locations. Bed bug inspection services employs the use of a bed bug sniffing canine, also known as a Las Vegas Bed Bug Dog, that has been highly trained to sniff for live bed bugs and bed bug eggs within your property. When the bed bug dog alerts the handler the handler then confirms the alert by visually inspecting the area.This allows the chosen pest control company to identify the specific areas of invasion without guessing so that bed bug treatments can be targeted.Canine detection for these pests is far quicker than a visual manual inspection, is much more accurate and requires less preparation and less clean up after.K-9 bed bug scent detection is currently the best form of bed bug detection available in the pest control industry today.

Bedbugger has a great write up on Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs:  What You Need to Know.

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