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Can My Child Bring Home Bed Bugs From A School Field Trip?
Posted At: April 6, 2012 11:57 AM | Posted By : admin
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School aged children love to go on field trips!  Did you realize that bed bugs can be brought home from even a Clark County School District field trip?

The Burleson Star is reporting that fifth-grade trips to YMCA’s Camp Carter on the northwest side of Fort Worth have been postponed until Burleson ISD officials can get an update from health officials regarding a case of bed bugs.

While the above news is pertaining to a YMCA in Fort Worth, but bed bugs infestations are being reported in all states including Las Vegas.  Some are anticipating that Las Vegas will become the new bed bug central.

Bed bugs are hitchiker’s and can be brought home by school aged children from day camps, field trips, classrooms in schools, another infested residence, or numerous other places.

If you suspect your child has brought home bed bugs, it is advised not to attempt do-it-yourself bed bug control as bed bug sprays don't solve the problem.  Bringing in a Las Vegas Bed Bug Pest Control Company who knows how to inspect, detect and properly handle your bed bug situation is your best option for bed bug concerns.

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