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How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Las Vegas?
Posted At: April 18, 2012 12:00 PM | Posted By : admin

Bed Bugs In Las Vegas

So you have bed bugs and you live in Las Vegas.  What do you do.  A thorough inspection and using the guidance of a knowledgeable Las Vegas Pest Control Company that knows how to handle bed bugs is an extremely important factor.

If you notice bed bugs in the early stage, pest control efforts can be contained rather quickly.  If bed bugs go unsuspected and the infestation has manifested, you also have many Omega Seamaster 300m Replica successful elimination options.  There are many integrated pest management options available to rid you property of bed bugs - but it should be done in the most effective manner for your situation as the the spray-and-pray method no longer works for bed bugs.  Everyone deserves to sleep without bed bugs, including you!

If you live in Las Vegas you most likely have heard that bed bugs are on the rise.  Whether you are a a homeowner, live in an apartment, or work at or own or manage a commercial property, you should form a relationship with a Las Vegas pest control company that deals exclusively with bed bugs.  Knowledge is key when dealing with bed bugs.  K-9 Sweeps can educate you on all aspects of bed bug management.  If you are are commercial property owner, we can guide you in implementing plans and train your staff to create a bed bug protocol.

Reduce the Impact of Bed Bugs with K-9 Sweeps

K-9 Sweeps is a bed bug only pest control company.  We continually study the biology of bed bugs. We know what works and we know what bed bug methods fail.  We continually do research on new bed bug technology on the market.  Doing so has allowed us to design the best bed bug protocols and bed bug inspection programs.  We focus 100% of our time on bed bugs and design solutions geared toward your specific concerns and needs.

We limit the use pesticides and use an integrated pest management approach.  We employ green eco-friendly technology to eliminate bed bugs.  We have a replica watches strategy of options to meet your specific needs -- inspections, monitoring devices, heat, steam, cryonite, green solutions, certified bed bug canine inspection teams -- trained dogs are the best tool to find where your bed bug problems truly are (but always ensure the bed bug inspection team is truly qualified and knowledgeable - both the bed bug dog and handler should be 3rd party certified by an NPMA recognized company.

Why Choose K-9 Sweeps?

K-9 Sweeps is a specialized Las Vegas pest control company that was formed in 2008 to address a unique problem, bed bugs. Many companies are challenged with the task of keeping their customers dwellings and businesses free from thousands of variations of pests. Their services are critical to health and well being of our society. But the resurgence of bed bugs has the public and many pest control companies at a loss, as traditional pest control treatments and chemicals have proven inefficient against bed bugs. K-9 Sweeps is a company committed to the detection, education and eradication of only one pest: The Bed Bug.The owner has extensive experience in the commercial and residential marketplace, is a 3rd party Certified Bed Bug Scent Detection Canine Handler and currently serves as a correspondent for the National Pest Management Association’s Canine Insect Division.

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