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Las Vegas, Nevada's Independent Bed Bug Dog Inspection Team

As required by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, K-9 Sweeps is an independently licensed bed bug inspection pest control company that employs highly trained bed bug dog inspections to locate bed bugs and live bed bug eggs.

K-9 Sweeps sub-contracts with local Las Vegas Pest Control Companies to conduct 3rd party bed bug inspections.  So, if you already have a Las Vegas monthly pest control company, but they do not specialize in bed bugs or employ bed bug dogs, the most accurate means of bed bug detection, contact our office at 702-586-5179 to find out how our independent bed bug service will benefit you.

For immediate action for bed bugs in Las Vegas, call our office for a free bed bug consultation.  Call us at 702-586-5179.

What you can expect:
K-9 Sweeps will immediately respond to your to inquiry.  We will schedule a certified bed bug dog inspection team to confirm if there are live bed bugs and or bed bug eggs. After the inspection, we will verify and advise you on what your next steps, if needed, should be.  If you are already visually seeing bed bugs, in some cases we will recommend a bed bug visual inspection, conducted by our local Las Vegas bed bug expert.  All bed bug situations are different and our office will always recommend the right inspection to meet your specific needs.

How do I decide how to find and get rid of bed bugs?
There is an overwhelming amount of information online about what to do when you have or think you have a bed bug problem. Recommendations from coworkers, friends, myths and quotes from pest control companies can vary greatly which can make your decision a tough one.

K-9 Sweeps is here to help guide you in the right direction.  If you are happy with your Las Vegas pest control company, we offer bed bug detection services only and will provide you with a non-biased inspection so that you can make an educated decision.  We will provide you with answers and will consult with your Las Vegas pest control company so that together, your bed bug problem can be solved.

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