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Las Vegas Bed Bug News
You Have to Find Bed Bugs To Get Rid of Them
Posted At: September 7, 2012 2:00 PM | Posted By : admin
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It appears that the newest buzz in Las Vegas is Bed Bugs.  Remember the phrase what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  Does that pertain to bed bugs too or do they leave Las Vegas with you?

There is lots of news coverage and many from the Local Las Vegas media are attending the Bed Bug Meeting at the Red Rock.  Patrick Coolican from the Las Vegas Sun attended and wrote a great article!  He attended a presentation called Bedbugs 101, taught by Allie Taisey, a Bedbug Central entomologist who also works for a Cornell University program for eradicating pests in public housing.

Patrick Coolican wrote that Taisey used phrases such as “veil of darkness,” “cryptic and secretive,” and “Bedbugs can be literally anywhere and everywhere.”  Also noted is that she said, "There’s no silver bullet.”

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"The first problem is detecting them. They use special dogs as well as sophisticated detectors. Taisey recommends both."

As for eradication, there’s heat, vacuuming, steaming, freezing, encasing your mattress and the old standby: chemicals."

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