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Bed Bug Pest Control Inspections in Las Vegas
K-9 Sweeps Partners with Las Vegas Pest Control Companies
Posted At: January 3, 2013 1:56 PM | Posted By : admin
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K-9 Sweeps Partners with Las Vegas Pest Control Companies.

Bed Bug Dogs: Local Pest Control Companies Use Our Canines their Pest Control Business.

If you don't have a bed bug sniffing dog at your Las Vegas Pest Control, you are likely losing potential business. Your customers may leave and search for someone who can provide them with canine scent detection. You could spend lots of time and money acquiring and training a bed bug dog and handler, or you could utilize the services of K-9 Sweeps. When you use our dogs, you will keep your customers and build a solid reputation as an innovative company.

Old Methods:

The old methods of bed bug inspections are time consuming and not as accurate as a K-9 inspectionCustomer's
are turning away from the old methods, as they take more time and money and are not as accurate.

Humans often can’t find the source of the bugs, and homeowners are tired of having to get their entire homes treated. They want a fast, effective and efficient method. They want you to bring in the bed bug dogs and find the source of the problem. Quick and Easy.


When you bring in the bed bug dogs, you will give your customers an inspection that is:

  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Effective

Use K-9 Sweeps so you can provide your customers with the best service available and partner with a company who has lead the way with this leading edge bed bug detection method in Las Vegas.

We Follow Up

When you use our dogs, you won’t just get an initial inspection. We can conduct a second inspection after treatment. Since our replicas montblanc dogs were trained to detect live bed bugs, they will be able to check if there are any remaining bed bugs.

This will bring your customers added peace of mind. They will know they can count on you, just as you will know you can count on K-9 Sweeps.

Our Bed Bug Dogs are Best in Show

K-9 Sweeps Bed bug team is certified annualy by a third party testing firm.  The World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO).  This means that our dogs and handlers have the required skills to be successful in real world situations.

You can use our dogs with confidence. They will be able to get the job done and impress your customers.

Become a Better Business

It is time to:

  • Offer something better to your customers
  • Increase satisfaction across the board
  • Eliminate bed bugs faster and more efficiently
  • Become the trusted source of bed bug detection and elimination imitation rolex

You can do all of this with the help of K-9 Sweeps. Let our team help you become a leader in bed bug pest control in Las Vegas.

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