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How To Kill Bed Bugs With Heat in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Bed Bug Exterminator
Posted At: February 12, 2013 6:56 PM | Posted By : admin
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How To Kill Bed Bugs With Heat in

Las Vegas...

It's easy for us because we are your

true local bed bug expert!

Just call K-9 Sweeps at 702-586-5179

now for immediate help with

bed bug extermination in Las Vegas.

We bring the heat because heat kills bedbugs!

K-9 Sweeps has done the research over the past 5 years that is required to eliminate bed bugs.  As a bed bug only pest control company we have the knowledge, every imaginable tool and method required that bed bug exterminators need to effectively get rid of bed bugs.  K-9 Sweeps has heat treatment for bed bugs (also known as thermal pest eradication or killing bedbugs with heat, or just plain ole' bed bug heat treatment, cyronite (green pest control), pesticides (also known as chemical) treatments, monitoring devices, inspection tools including our very own 3rd party certified bed bug dog teams (and yes, certification matters - just ask us why!), mattress and boxspring encasements and much, much more!

Contact 702-586-5179 now to find out why K-9 Sweeps in the preferred bed bug pest control company in Las Vegas and all of Southern Nevada!

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