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Bed Bug Thermal Heat Solutions
Las Vegas Bed Bug Exterminator
Posted At: February 13, 2013 7:18 PM | Posted By : admin
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Our bed bug heat treatment system emits over 300,0000 BTU’s per hour from just one standard 115 volt circuit.  No excessive power requirements are needed which saves our customer’s money.

OUR HEAT:  We utilize clean DRY heated air so that there is no moisture that can cause mold or loosen glues.

DISCRETE:  Although bed bugs are extremely common we're sure you don't want to tell the whole neighborhood!  That's why our trailer system is unmarked and quiet.  We won't advertise to the neighbors why we are there and we don't have a noisy generator that will bother the neighbors!

SAFETY:  We don’t have electric heating coils or propane heaters so there is no flashpoint that could start a fire during bed bug removal.

HEAT EXCHANGERS - We utilize 6 heat exchangers that will evenly raise the temperature in the entire structure together all at one time.

Wireless Temperature Sensors – With our technology we are able to ensure that there are NO cold spots and also make sure that it does NOT get too hot!  During bed bug heat extermination, if temperatures are not continually monitored and if it gets too hot, damage can occur to your personal belongings, the contents of your house or even your structure.


WIRELESS TEMPERATURE MONITORING - Via our sensors, true temperatures are monitored with a laptop computer – we are able to continually monitor temperatures and provide printouts of all temperatures.

Would you like more information about bed bug pest control in Las Vegas?  We are just a phone call away!

Call K-9 Sweeps to find out why so many customer's are turning to heat treatment bed bug extermination in Las Vegas?  Just call the office for a free consultation.  Our office staff will be happy to speak with you, answer any questions you may have and can provide you with the facts on how to be bed bug free!

One last note before you explore the rest of our website:  One bed bug left behind after treatment is one bed bug too many.  We highly recommend that you do your research and make sure you get a warranty on your bed bug treatment.  Time and time again we have been called in after other pest control company failed at bed bug extermination and the customer was not given a warranty.  K-9 Sweeps is so confident that our bed bug treatment options work that we give a written 90 day treatment warranty - no strings attached!

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