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K-9 Sweeps Brings the Heat to Las Vegas
Bed Bug Extermination Using Heat
Posted At: March 7, 2013 1:19 PM | Posted By : admin
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At K-9 Sweeps we pride ourselves on the ability to rid any home or property of bed bugs completely.  In fact, Las Vegas Pest Control companies are so pleased and confident in our bed bug detection and heat treatment process that they are now utilizing our bed bug inspection and heat solutions services for their customers!

Upon initial inspection we use one either our visual inspection methods or a canine scent detection team which is trained and certified in bed bug scent detection to find both live bed bug and bed bug eggs. This enables us to narrow down and heat treat only the affected rooms, which can help keeps costs to a minimum. After completion of the heat treatment, we bring back our bed bug dog team to give you peace of mind and ensure the home is bed bug free!

Most competing systems lack the power required to successfully heat an entire house.  As a result, treatments often progress slowly, room-by-room, and limit the overall effectiveness of total bed bug eradication.  Our heat treatment begins with the use of the latest high-tech bed bug equipment which is bio-diesel-fueled and heat is generated by heat exchangers using (HTF) Heat Transfer Fluid.This allows us to generate over 300,000 BTU’s per hour using only one standard 115 volt outlet.

In addition, our systems is as green as it gets given the components and method we are using for heat treatment and it's also the safest way to eliminate bedbugs, as well as clothing moths and other pests – it’s ideal for both residential and commercial customers – and unlike traditional spraying for bed bugs has been proven to be unsuccessful – with heat preparation is limited, you do not have to throw out beds or furnishings and rooms and entire rooms and belongings are bed bug free within hours.

Heat treatment in Las Vegas is by far the most effective and safest way to eradicate bed bugs.  It will keep a the property as pesticide free as possible, and guarantee complete bed bug removal.

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