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Propane, Electric or K-9 Sweeps Bed Bug Heat Treatment for Bed Bug Extermination
Apples to Apples they are not all the same!
Posted At: April 11, 2013 7:09 PM | Posted By : admin

There is just no comparison, when you have two competing bids for bed bug heat treatment or bed bug extermination, when one is let's say $500 and and the bed bug quote is, well, let's say more than that.


There are differences why some pest control companies are cheaper and some are more. The fact is that people who are calling for prices for bed bug extermination tend to be looking for the cheapest price.  But remember you get what you pay for.  What we hear almost daily is often quite shocking.  Callers want to know how much it is to spray for bed bugs and they talk about low prices they've received over the phone and that XYZ company said they'd do a free bed bug inspections and spray the whole house for "X" amount.  Now think about it, spraying for bed bugs does NOT work, and then there's the free inspection --will a company send a bed bug specialist out (specialist if you're lucky, you may just get a new technician or someone who's never even dealt with bed bugs...) pay a salary, pay for gas, inspect your home and consult with you for an hour or even more - all for free - with no catch.  Hmmm?  Just something for you to think about.

We recently did an inspection and quoted a customer for bed bug bug heat treatment in Las Vegas.  The customer was smart and called around for competitive bids.  When he called back he said he had bid for "X" amount cheaper than what we had quoted orologi replica and wanted to know if we would match it.  After spending time with the customer, explaining the true difference in services, the customer thought about it, did his research and he was able to come to the conclusion that there was definitely more to bed bug heat treatment than he thought.  Needless to say, K-9 Sweeps was awarded with the job at the higher price that we quoted.  Our customer was pleased and that is our main goal - to ensure that the customer's needs come first.

Folks do your homework.  If you have bed bugs and your home, condo or apartment and you need heat treatment, the problem is not going to get that much worse in a short period of time.  Don't jump the gun, don't rush and make poor decisions.  Heating a house for bed bugs isn't just plugging heaters in rooms and turning them on.  There are proper steps involved to making sure 100% of the bed bug infestation is eliminated with one, and yes one, heat treatment.

Do NOT just try the cheapest guy in town that called you back first! Did you ever think that he might have called you back first because he wasn’t busy? Good companies are normally busy and professional companies tend to have normal business hours with answering services after hours!  Whether you use us (K-9 Sweeps) or another pest control exterminator, have your home inspected, become informed about bed bugs and the treatment methods that work and don't work and make sure the company has a proven treatment plan (and no, you DO NOT have to throw away your bed or furniture!).  Whether the company offers a chemical treatment or bed bug heat treatment, it really doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things – just make sure they can successfully eliminate your bed bug problem.  Oh yeah, and get a warranty.  Bed bugs are the toughest pest to get rid of and the company who offers cheap treatments will most likely NOT solve your bed bug problem!  The company who offers the most expensive might not solve your problem either -- do your research and make sure you know what you are paying for!

In order to elimination (and I mean eliminate, not treat) a bed bug problem, any pest professional will tell you that it takes, hard work, knowledge, skill and the correct tools.  There is preparation to be done to ensure it is done correctly.  Bug bombs and foggers DO NOT WORK - if a company offers this service to you – CHOOSE someone else immediately!

A pest control professional should educate you on being bed bugs; being prepared for bed bug extermination - whether traditional or bed bug heat treatment, and also what to do afterwards.  Depending on your situation it might include one or more follow up visits, a bed bug dog inspection, a visual inspection, monitoring and maybe some residual treatment.

All bed bug heat treatment systems are not the same.  Here's a quick run down of three:

Propane Bed Bug Heat Treatment:  First off, K-9 Sweeps does not utilize propane bed bug heat treatment as propane is highly flammable and has been known to cause fires and structural damage as reported in this news story"Several US companies linked to the ThermaPure Heat pest extermination process are also defendants in the $3.95-million lawsuit which was launched by the Royal Scot Condominium Corp. and some condo owners. As a result of the use of the propane heat process and related equipment on the unit's balcony, a fire broke out and spread to other units, according to the statement of claim, which also alleges the fire led to the evacuation of the entire complex and resulted in the complete reconstruction of a large portion of the building. The lawsuit alleges Bed Bug Task Force and Holden failed to properly train its employees in the heat process used to exterminate pests, failed to perform services in a skilled and competent manner, failed to use proper techniques and used equipment that was not approved."

Electric Bed Bug Heaters:  Some companies utilize electric bed bug heaters and fans, plug them into your outlets and leave your room to heat up for 24 hours.  These type of heaters can also be used for minor structural drying, general heating and pest control.  While this type of electric heater is recommended for one or two bedrooms, they do not have the capacity to heat treat up to 3,000 square feet within 8 to 10 hours.


Bed Bug Hydronic Heat Treatment:  K-9 Sweeps brings a bed bug heat treatment system that was manufactured specifically for eliminating bed bugs.  Our system does not utilize our customer's power and the technicians remain on-sight during the entire heat treatment process to ensure quality control, continually monitor air flow, carefully and properly rotate belongings, beds and furniture in order to achieve the required optimal air flow and temperature readings.  Temperatures are monitored via wireless monitors and sensors strategically placed throughout the structure.  Since we do not need your power for our system, we will not overload or trip your electrical breakers!  We can ensure our process will be completed in 6 to 10 hours depending on the size of the structure being heated.

For professional pest control help with bed bugs, please feel free to contact K-9 Sweeps at 702-586-5179 - and yes, the office always does our best to return calls after normal business hours!

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