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The Value of Hiring a "True" Bed Bug Company
Posted At: August 2, 2013 12:59 PM | Posted By : admin

The following blog post was written by Cimex Exterminating.  They are another exclusive bed bug extermination company located in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area.  The post is very well written and definitely worth reading if you are looking for a bed bug exterminator.

If you have bed bugs in Las Vegas or live in the Virginia service area you may want to give Cimex Exterminating a call or visit their website.

What Is The Difference Between a Pest Control Company and a Bed Bug Company?

You may have noticed that I often refer to pest control professionals in my posts. watch replica Even though both employ pest control professionals, there is a huge difference between a generic pest control company and a bed bug company.

Now, right up front, let me say that there are some very good general pest control companies out there. And on the other side of the coin, there are also some pretty bad bed bug companies. This post is meant to make you aware of some important differences between a bed bug company and a generic pest control company. There will always be exceptions on both sides of the equation.

A bed bug company thoroughly understands the biology and behavior of the insect.

Pest control professionals overwhelmingly agree that these insects are the most difficult pest to control. A company that focuses exclusively on bed bugs will have a much more thorough understanding of both the life cycle and the behavior than a generic pest control company which must split attention, training and resource dollars among a wide variety of pests.

Contact any bedbug-exclusive company and ask them what percentage of their clients have already had a generic pest control company try to control the problem, and the company failed or made the problem worse. You will likely be surprise that that number will be far, far into the majority! As much as generic pest control companies say they understand bed bug biology and behavior, their performance record simply does not reflect this.

A bed bug company has the time to do the job right.

One reason generic pest control companies fail to control bed bugs, often requiring bed bug specialists to come in behind them, is that controlling bed bugs, regardless of the method, is very labor-intensive work.

In order to remain competitive with other similar companies, generic pest control companies must accept jobs at an unreasonably low cost (or at a loss) and hope they will profit on future spray-n-go jobs for that client. With that in mind, there is significant incentive — or pressure, depending on whether you’re the boss or an employee — to get these jobs done as quickly as possible and move on to other, more profitable jobs.

On the other hand, a bed bug company understands what is involved, and will schedule enough time and resources to do the job right. As you would expect, the price of the job reflects this audemars piguet replica. As there is less price competitiveness (there are fewer bed bug specialist companies)  jobs are priced according to what it takes to do the job right, not what it takes to undercut Billy-Bob’s Plumbing, Exterminating, Gutter Cleaning and Cat Herding Service.

Much like a fine artisan’s furniture, or a luxury automobile, a bedbug-exclusive company relies on quality rather than quantity to remain in business.

A bed bug company will generally offer a longer, better warranty.

Some companies simply provide a warranty because it is expected. It’s marketing… they know that if they don’t offer some sort of warranty, the chances of them getting the sale drop to near zero. So, they’ll throw out a token 30- or 60-day warranty just so they can say they offer a warranty. But, read the fine print! It may rely on the customer to do the inspections and report bed bugs for warranty service, or may even contain language that entitles the client to a discount on repeat treatments.

Because a bed bug company is confident in the quality of its work, and the client has generally made a more significant investment in the company’s specialized knowledge, their warranties have teeth. 

It’s apples and oranges, folks. (Yeah, it’s cliche, but what the heck)

In general, if you have a heart condition a cardiologist will provide better care for that condition than a family practice doctor. The patient pays a cardiologist more for his or her specialized knowledge, greater experience, and procedures specific to heart conditions that the cardiologist brings to the table. Yet, both the cardiologist and the family practice doctor can operate in the same market…the same hospital…even the same office, side by side because they are in two entirely different businesses. Apple and oranges. Theodore Alexander furniture exists peacefully alongside Ashley Furniture, two different businesses, apples and oranges. Mercedes-Benz and Kia, apples and oranges.

The same holds for bed bug companies and generic pest control companies. Two different businesses, two different results. Apples and oranges.

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