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Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs 

If you are worried about bed bugs biting your family, K-9 Sweeps can help.  We offer several bed bug extermination and treatment options that are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Residential Bed Bug Services From K-9 Sweeps

Although no program can guarantee bed bugs will not be introduced into your home, with our bed bug services we guarantee early detection and 100% elimination. 

Preventive Treatments.  While we cannot prevent bed bugs from being introduced into your property, with our knowledge we can help prevent infestations from spreading into other areas.

Bed Bug Inspections.
  Bed bug inspections are extremely thorough and focus on all areas of a room where bed bugs are most likely to be found.

Bed Bug Canine Inspections. 
K9 inspections or bed bug dog are the fastest, most accurate way to find and confirm bed bugs and bed bug eggs.  K-9 Sweeps was the first in Las Vegas to conduct bed bug dog inspections and we are the leader in all aspects of bed bug inspections..

Bed Bug Treatment.
  Successful elimination of bed bugs must always rely on a thorough inspection and utilizing the right treatment based on the situation.  Just one mated female bed bug left behind and your problem will continue!

Bed Bug Heat Treatments.
  Thermal heat remediation is the most effective and greenest way to totally eliminate bed bugs.  Read more about bed bug heat treatment in Las Vegas.

Mattress Covers and Box Spring Encasement. 
Mattresses and box spring encasements provide a number of benefits that help to protect bed bugs from becoming established (or re-established) in mattresses and box springs.  They also make it easier to identify bed bugs in the early stages, as they create less hiding places.  But, there is a right time to install them and steps replika klockor that must be taken before and after.  Contact us for more details.

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