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How to Move Without Bringing Bed Bugs With You
Posted At: October 9, 2013 1:16 PM | Posted By : admin
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Having to move can be stressful.  Having to move because you have bed bugs is even more stressful.

If you have bed bugs in your Las Vegas apartment or home and are moving because of bed bugs it there’s a very good chance you will bring them with you unless you move with absolutely no furniture or personal belongings.

If you have an apartment or a landlord and they do not pay for bed bug treatment you have to factor many things before moving.  Will it be more expensive to throw all of your furniture, beds and belongings  away considering that you will have to repurchase all new furniture.  If you buy used furniture, like from Craigslist in Las Vegas, there's always the chance you will bring home bed bugs again.

Your best bet is to have your Bed Bug Extermination done with bed bug heat treatment if you have couches, chairs, beds and personal belongings that are infested with bed bugs.  Heat treatment is the only way to guarantee 100% bed bug removal from soft furnishings.

Although the following tips won't guarantee you won't bring bed bugs with you, they may help if you are left with no other options.

Launder your clothes, bedding, and pillows.

Before you pack your clothing, put them in a dryer on high heat (EVERYTHING must reach a minimum of 120 degrees or higher - it is recommended to dry for at least 30 minutes and also monitor the temperature).  Whether they’ve been worn recently or not, clothing is a very common hiding place for bed bugs. Do the same for your bedding, sheets, covers, pillowcases, pillows, curtains, throw pillows, stuffed animals, etc.

All items (shoes, books, photo albums, pictures, etc) that cannot go through the dryer will need to be bagged and sealed and remain that way for a minimum of 10 to 12 months.  Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding.

Plastic Moving Bins are Better Than Moving Boxes.

Consider purchasing new plastic moving bins if you can.  Don’t store them in an infested room to prevent bed bugs from hiding in them.  Remember that bed bugs love hiding places and filled boxes create a great place to hide.  Bed bugs also love corrugated cardboard - so plastic bins are best if they are an option for you.

Don’t buy or pick up used furniture.

If you have moved and threw out all of your furniture because it had bed bugs, don't pick up furniture from the curb.  There's a good chance that someone is throwing it out because it has bed bugs and it has not be treated by a bed bug exterminator.

In summary:  Moving because of bed bugs will not guarantee you don't bring bed bugs with you unless you do it right with a Las Vegas Bed Bug Exterminator that guarantees bed bug elimination!

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