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A Friendly Local Las Vegas Bed Bug Reminder: Do It Right The First Time!
Posted At: November 11, 2013 7:09 PM | Posted By : admin

If you are new to bed bugs in Las Vegas here a some bed bug fundamentals:

The following are not in any specific order and are for your review and benefit.  Please read this if you think you have bed bugs or if you know you have bed bugs.

You have to absolutely confirm 100% the presence of bed bugs prior to initiating any bed bug treatment.  You, or a LICENSED pest control company, actually have to find physical evidence of bed bugs present in your home which includes: cast skins, bed bug eggs, live bed bugs.

Fecal staining alone cannot confirm bed bugs.

Bite marks does not 100% confirm that you have bed bugs.

Not everyone reacts to bed bugs bites.  So yes, you can have bed bugs and not have any bite marks.

A K9 (bed bug dog) alert alone is not 100% confirmation of bed bugs.  A visual bed bug inspection needs to be done by a human to confirm what the K9 alerts to.

Be wary of FREE bed bug inspections.  Do your homework.  Not much that is of value is ever really free.

Bed bugs need to eliminated and exterminated, not treated.  Monthly pest control spraying does not eliminate a bed bug infestation.  Do you really want to live for months with bed bugs?

Learn and know your rights as a resident/tenant.  Know what your rights are.  If you are paying for bed bug removal you should have your choice of who to hire.  Not all pest control companies can eliminate bed bugs.  Do your homework.  And one more thing, you do NOT have to discard beds, couches and furniture.

Bed bug extermination requires a written warranty.  One mated female left behind and your bed bug infestation will start all over again.

We have said this many times before.  Do It Right The First Time.

This happens ALL the time:  A customer called about 5 weeks ago, ended up having had another company come in and "treat" two times. They threw out all replicas hublot furniture and now they still have bed bugs.  Now it is worse than when they started because they did it wrong from the beginning.  Now it is our job to un-do what was done wrong and to do it right.  Again. Do It Right The First Time.  It will save you a lot of sleepless nights.

There are no miracle cures for bed bugs.  It takes knowledge, time, hard work and patience to eliminate them.

Not everything you read online is true.  Think about it, online all over the place it says to use rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs.  A fly swatter would do the same thing.

Yes, dealing with bed bugs can be a nightmare but they are not difficult to get rid of when it is done right the first time.

Live in Las Vegas or Henderson and have a bed bug question?  We'd be more than happy to assist!  We are the Las Vegas Bed Bug Company.  Just read our reviews and see why so many value or expertise in bed bug inspections and elimination.

One more thing, a recent caller said "my son was covered with red marks so I took him to my Henderson pediatrician who diagnosed him with chickenpox.  Turned out it was bed bugs.  Again, do YOUR homework.

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