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Killing Bed Bugs With Heat Treatment
Posted At: December 29, 2013 3:17 PM | Posted By : admin
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Heat treatment is not a new technology but in Las Vegas there are very few pest control companies that employ this technology.  There are several types of heat treatments that work but there are also many factors involved in heat treatment.  Not all bed bug heat treatment equipment is created equal. If you’ve determined that you have bed bugs in your home you should do some research before you hire a pest control company.  Bed bug pest control is different that monthly pest control. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of, especially with traditional bed bug pest control methods (chemical spraying or monthly treatments are often typical). K-9 Sweeps has extensive knowledge of bed bugs and often we find bed bugs when others companies have missed them!  We also offer every bed bug treatment option available and will recommend the right method based on your specific bed bug problem.  We employ the most advanced, high tech solution to eliminating bed bugs with one treatment.  Better yet - there are no monthly contracts; no monthly treatments; minimal preparation and you're bed bug free with one treatment.

What are bed bug heat treatments? 

Also called heating bed bugs, bed bug heat treatment or thermal remediation, a bed bug heat treatment is just that: eliminating a bed bug problem with heat.  It is well known that bed bugs cannot survive above certain temperatures.  There is more than just one way to use heat to kill bed bugs. Heat in the form of steam has been used for killing bed bugs in carpets and behind base boards, but it only reaches the areas where it is applied.  Heat kills bed bugs everywhere in the rooms.  At K-9 Sweeps, our system is the most advanced system in Southern Nevada, it's green technology, it doesn't increase your power bill and uses a combination of heaters and fans to bring a room up to the appropriate temperature for killing bed bugs and their eggs (and not harming your belongings) and with the help of heat sensors, fans, wireless remote monitoring and the room is kept at this temperature for several hours.  Once the bed bug heat treatment is done, you are left bed bug free by the end of the day.

Why choose our bed bug heat treatment? 

Pest control companies use thermal remediation for bed bug control because it works and that's what customers need!  Bed bugs have been treated with chemicals for years, with a varying degree of results.  It is now known that bed bugs have gained a resistance to some bed bug pest control insecticides.  Because bed bugs are good at hiding in the cracks and crevices of surrounding area in a room, often traditional insecticide treatments don’t reach the hiding places which can leave bed bugs behind and result in ongoing infestations. Bed bug heat treatment is not just turning up the heat in your home or putting a rented electric heater from a store in a room and leaving it to heat bed bugs.  Heat treatment is a specialized service that works!  It requires a significant amount of knowledge, set up, very skilled operation of the heating system, and constant onsite monitoring.  At K-9 Sweeps we won't just drop off heaters and leave!  We stay onsite the entire duration of the heat treatment to ensure a 100% kill rate.  As soon as we are done and the structure cools down, you are back in the same day with no need to relocate to a hotel room over night or even for days!  

How much does bed bug heat treatment cost?

If you consider how many pest control treatments you may need to fully eradicate your bed bug problem, (technicians visiting over and over again to spray and re-treat the problem, charging you every visit and most require at minimum a yearly contract), you could end up spending way more money trying to get rid of bed bugs by using pest control spraying.  A bed bug heat treatment is a single service that completely eliminates (not treats) all bed bugs in your structure in one visit. No need to throw and furniture, couches, beds, etc.  One charge, one treatment and you're bed bug free! For more information on the killing bed bugs with heat in Las Vegas contact K-9 Sweeps today.  Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives can give you more information on our bed bug services so that you can make the best possible decision. 




Bed Bug Heat Treatment (Thermal Treatment)

Eliminates all live bed bugs and eggs in one treatment.

No insecticides are used.
One treatment is needed (when performed correctly).

Most belongings can remain and will be treated using heat.

Rooms are ready to reoccupy as soon as the room cools down.

No need to throw out infested furniture including sofas, recliners, mattresses, box springs, or other items that typically are hard to -- or cannot be chemically treated with pesticides.

No need to replace furniture and other belongings.

No need to move out of residence for days.

Can use a bed bug dog inspection to only treat affected rooms to save on treatment costs.

No chemical exposure.

No monthly pest control required.

Specialized knowledge is needed when treating multi-unit dwellings.

Precautions must be taken for heat sensitive belongings.

No residual killing.

Cost – If cost is a factor, you need to consider that if you choose a pesticide treatment you will need to add in the replacement costs of discarded furniture, cost to replace mattresses and box springs, purchasing mattress and box spring encasements and also the time and labor it will take you to prepare your rooms. - - After factoring in all of the above, heat treatment typically costs less than traditional pesticide treatments.

No residual effect unless used with chemicals.

Can be difficult to treat in highly cluttered areas.

Not all heat systems can treat an entire structure with one treatment.


Eliminates all live bed bugs and eggs in one treatment.

Treats entire structure at one time.

Great for freestanding industrial buildings / homes.

Good option for highly cluttered areas.

No need to replace furniture and other belongings.

No chemical exposure.

No residual effect unless used with chemicals. 

Entire house is tented and you must relocate out of structure.

Chemicals, Sprays and Dusts

Typically the most economical treatment.

Uses pesticides with a residual killing effect typically between 14 to 30 days.

Can be very effective if precise and thorough.

Many chemicals used have a long lasting residual effect.

Some strains of bed bugs are resistant to commonly used pesticides.

Takes multiple visits.

Requires a lot of customer preparation work.

Most companies require a contract.

Usually live bugs are seen between treatments.

May have to throw away furniture and belongings.

Very difficult to effectively treat in highly cluttered areas.

Some products are known to repel bed bugs.

Most companies charge for each visit.

Cryonite / Freeze Treatment

Can kill bed bugs and eggs instantly on direct contact.

No insecticides are used; dry CO2 can be used in and around electrical sockets; kills instantly, on contact.

May only be effective if every bug and egg is found and exposed directly to freeze technology.

Treatment may not penetrate deep into harborages.

No residual effect.


Can kill bed bugs and eggs instantly on direct contact.

May only be effective if every bug and egg is found and exposed directly to the steam.

Treatment may not penetrate deep into harborages.

No residual effect.

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