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Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs?
Las Vegas Bed Bug Exterminator
Posted At: January 24, 2014 11:54 AM | Posted By : admin

If you have bed bugs you have probably searched online for do-it-yourself bed bug products to try to eliminate the bed bug infestation yourself.  If you read any credible site, most state that hiring a pest control company experienced with bed bugs is key.  If you are going to try to attempt to do it yourself, you have probably read that applying Diatomaceous earth (also known as DE) will help kill bed bugs.

Well it can kill bed bugs, but new research showed that it will not get rid of a bed bug infestation.  As an experienced bed bug exterminator based in Las Vegas, believe me we have heard and seen it all when it comes to bed bugs!  Homeowner's try do-it-yourself bed bug control all to frequently only to spread the infestation and make it worse.  In the long run they end up spending more money and painstaking time than if they had just done it right from the start.

A recent study about the efficacy of using Diatomaceous Earth to kill bed bugs that was conducted by University of Kentucky researchers and pest professionals where DE was put to the test under real-world conditions.

The outcome, DE performed poorly.

Why did it Fail?

Diatomaceous earth is often cited as a safe and effective alternative for battling bed bugs. Dozens of Internet sites tout it as a cheap, eco-friendly option for those unwilling to hire a professional. Advocacy for DE is not limited to online marketing sites. Government and academic institutions also sometimes recommend diatomaceous earth as part of a “comprehensive integrated bed bug management program” (CDC/EPA 2013). So why did it perform poorly in our field trial?

From the bed bug experts who conducted the study:  Many variables can influence insecticide performance in bed bug-infested dwellings. Putting the material where the bugs are, of course, is crucial. We’re confident we did that in this study and doubt many householders could achieve the same degree of thoroughness in treating their own dwellings. On the contrary, the public typically applies DE by sprinkling the powder along baseboards, carpet edges and other exposed places where the bugs are less likely to reside. Based on these findings, diatomaceous earth may not be sufficiently efficacious on bed bugs to warrant use by the general public. Pest management professionals using the dust for bed bugs also may want to consider alternatives.

If you live in Las Vegas, Henderson or anywhere in Southen Nevada and know or think you have bed bugs act immediately.  We highly recommend hiring a company that is experienced in bed bug elimination.
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