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How To Kill Bed Bugs With Heat Treatment
Posted At: January 27, 2014 1:39 PM | Posted By : admin
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Bed bugs are becoming even a more significant problem in Las Vegas.  It takes just one mated female bed bug to hitch-hike a ride home with you and an infestation will begin.

Some of the reasons for the resurgence of bed bugs include:

Increased travel
Visiting an infested home
Bed bugs in the workplace
Changes in pest control materials and practices
Lack of knowledge
Resale of second hand clothing and furniture rental centers
Homeowner’s trying to contain bed bugs with do-it-yourself sprays
Incorrect and ineffective bed bug treatments

Once bed bugs have been introduced into a home or workplace they can multiply very quickly and are highly resilient, even to some methods and pesticides used by bed bug exterminators.  Whether you think you have bed bugs, have found just one bed bug or your entire home or workplace is infested, K-9 Sweeps will eliminate your problem.

K-9 Sweeps Bed Bug Service 

The key to beating the increase in bed bug infestations is to raise awareness of the warning signs and, once an infestation is confirmed, to act correctly and quickly.

Our Service includes:

  • Home Inspection – A thorough home inspection is a must!  K-9 Sweeps conducts bed bug inspections to confirm the presence of bed bugs and will create the best solution for your bed bug infestation.  Not all pest control companies specialize in bed bugs or bed bug removal and an onsite assessment is required in order to confirm bed bugs, confirm what rooms they are in or not in, and to recommend the right bed byg treatment based on your specific situation.

  • Customized Pest Solutions - Every bed bug infestation is unique.  We us multiple methods and tailor our elimination plan to suit your specific bed bug problem.

  • Multiple Bed Bug Extermination Options -  We offer a variety of tested and proven bed bug extermination options, from traditional treatments to bed bug heat treatment.  We will recommend the right treatment based on your specific needs and budget.

  • True Bed Bug Specialists - K-9 Sweeps is a specialized Las Vegas Pest Control Company.  We have true bed bug experts who perform all bed bug inspections and jobs.  You will not have an inexperienced technician performing your bed bug elimination when you hire K-9 Sweeps!

  • Environmentally Friendly - We utilize environmentally-friendly approach when performing bed bug exermination. Our method of how to kill bed bugs with heat treatment is testament to this.

  • Pest Prevention - As part of our preventative approach, we will educate you and will can also create a customized a Year Round Protection Plan that will guard your home against bed bugs and also other pests.

Not all companies are created equally.  K-9 Sweeps is a licensed and insured Pest Control Company in Las Vegas.  When hiring any contractor, you should always verify contractor and pest control licensing before you sign on the dotted line!  Verify credentials here:

City of Las Vegas Business License Search:  http://www3.lasvegasnevada.gov/Bus-license/Search.asp

Clark County Business License Search:  http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/business_license/Pages/BLSearch.aspx

Don't wait!  Call us NOW at (702) 586-5179 for your inspection.

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