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Bed Bug Extermination With Heat Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs in Las Vegas
Posted At: February 4, 2014 12:56 PM | Posted By : admin

There are many different thermal heat treatment systems for killing bed bugs.

Currently there are only a few companies in Clark County that are licensed to conduct bed bug heat treatment.

K-9 Sweeps uses the highest quality on the market – the hydronic bed bug heat treatment system -- to exterminate bed bugs in Las Vegas.   As the pioneer and only “bed bug only” extermination company in Las Vegas, we wanted to ensure that you have the best possible option to get rid of bed bugs.  Before investing in the heat treatment equipment, we did extensive research to find the best method that truly works to kill bed bugs.

Callers often ask:  “If the hydronic heat system for bed bugs is the best, why don’t all pest control companies use it?”  Well, yes, our system is the best, but it also included making a substantial investment.  Quite simply, we didn’t want to skimp on our equipment.  If we did, our bed bug services wouldn’t be the best in town!

Can I spray for bed bugs you may ask?  Bed bugs have become resilient to most traditional pesticides approved by the EPA. Quite simply spraying and praying doesn’t generally eliminate bed bugs, it may treat them or "knock the population down" for a bit, but it doesn't eliminate them.  We also know that do-it-yourself bed bug methods don’t work.

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For instance, if you are looking for where to buy Diatomaceous Earth in Las Vegas – you should read the most recent research study and get the facts first.  If you are looking for bed bug sprays, bed bug bombs or bed bug foggers Las Vegas, they don’t work either, and typically spread the infestation and make it worse.  Killing bed bugs with our heat treatment works.  Guaranteed.

 Not only does K-9 Sweeps use heat to exterminate bed bugs, but our method of killing-bed-bugs-in-Las-Vegas allows us to efficiently heat an structure simultaneously to kill bed bugs very discretely, without loud, disruptive generators; and best of all no propane or electric bed bug heaters are used. Our hydronic system uses bio-diesel fuel to heat food grade glycol.  No risky, bulky propane tanks or open flames which have been known to cause damage and fires will be in or near your home.  In addition, electric heaters are just that - electric - which use your power.  Our system uses just one standard outlet so you will not see an increased bill from Nevada Energy! 

Best of all our treatment from setup to tear down takes approximately from 6 to 12 hours, and you are bed bug free and back in your residence the same day!  We are so confident in our system that we are able to offer the best bed bug warranty in the area.

We've made it so easy to find the best bed bug exterminator information in Las Vegas!

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