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Killing Bed bugs with bed bug heat treatment Las Vegas - What you need to know! This article is published with experience you can truly trust!
Posted At: March 14, 2014 1:04 PM | Posted By : admin

Killing Bed bugs with bed bug heat treatment Las Vegas - What you need to know!  This article is published with knowledge and experience you can trust!

More people who find themselves facing a bed bug problem in their home in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada and are opting for the most successful form of bed bug treatment – Bed Bug Heat Treatment!  But it's not just heat treatment - it's the right heat treatment.

There are, however, some things that you should consider carefully when choosing a bedbug extermination company to conduct your heat treatment!Not all companies and not all systems are created equal.

Choosing a bed bug exterminator to conduct your heat treatment

When looking through the myriad of ads by bed bug extermination companies based in Las Vegas that use heat to kill bed bugs it is extremely important to look beyond just what a website states and the lowest bidder. Look for substance, knowledge and credibility when looking for a bed bug exterminator.

Chances are if you are reading this blog you've just found out that you have a bed bug problem. You've also likely done some web browsing and tried to learn as much about bed bugs as you possibly can in the limited time you've been able to research the subject. If you're like most and you've just realized that you do in fact have bed bugs your mental state is probably somewhere between moderate mental discomfort and sheer panic - Relax, this is normal and happens to everyone that first finds out.

Here’s a little knowledge about the pest control industry:

1.There are general pest control companies, both big and small, that spray and treat indoors and outdoors.  Some handle bed bugs and some don't.

2.There are pest control companies that treat for bed bugs.  (notice that says "treat" and not eliminated).

3.There are bed bug heat treatment companies that use heat to kill bedbugs.

4.Then there is K-9 Sweeps:  A BED BUG 'ONLY' PEST CONTROL COMPANY.  Yes, the company only finds and eliminates bed bugs and was the first in the area to offer bed bug K9 inspections!

Here's what to remember when hiring a bed bug exterminator:

Make absolutely sure that the heat treatment company you hire is licensed with the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Make sure they hold a City, County and State Licensing.

Make sure they are insured, with enough insurance to cover any damage that may occur to your structure.

Hire a company that compounds their credibility with customer testimonials and references and by being members in good standing with various Pest Management Associations. Examples would be The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and The Nevada Pest Control Association (NPCA).

What to watch out for: False Claims

Do your homework! Remember, you are your best advocate. Heat is a fantastic way to kill bed bugs and, IF done correctly, in just one treatment the bed bug problem can be solved.If you go the cheap route and hire the wrong company, however, your problems may just be getting started.Always remember that you get what you pay for.Do you really want to go through several heat treatments?

Thinking of heat as a treatment for killing bed bugs in Las Vegas?Here are your options...

Over the past few years a number of new options for treating a home infested with bedbugs have come to the forefront. The most promising - Heat! That's right, heating a home to the 'thermal kill range' and taking care of the problem in one fell swoop.

Unlike pesticides, heat is simply that - the temperature of the air is warmed to the point where it permeates every little crack and crevice where the bugs hide and kills them.An important aspect of this is that the high temperature also kills the bed bug eggs as well.

When done PROPERLY, a bed bug heat treatment is safe, 100% effective and a true solution for bed bug eradication.Not all bed bug heat treatments are the same. As it is a relatively new process, entrepreneurial types have invented new ways to heat a home. Below, see your options and make an informed decision.

Types of bed bug heat treatments:

There are three different types of equipment currently being used to kill bed bugs in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas; Propane, Electric and Hydronic (HTF)/

A look at the benefits and drawbacks.

Propane:  The propane based system utilizes a truck and trailer that is parked outside of the home to be treated for bed bugs. Propane is burned and the associated hot air is then blown into the home through a large flexible duct. Although the air at the source of ignition is very hot, significant heat loss occurs during the airs journey through the duct. In addition, the hot air comes out of one source only - the duct must be moved around and pointed into different rooms at separate times which is inefficient and may cause damage to belongings inside the home.

This system gets kudos for being the first bed bug heat treatment to be introduced but, as you will see below, falls far short in many respects compared to others introduced since. In addition, there have been many reports of this system causing damage to articles located inside the treatment area.

High marks for being the first but there are now better options.

Electric: The concept of treating a home with hot air generated by simple electric heaters is not new. These types of systems in the past were mainly used for mold spores even to dry out basements after a flood.

Of great benefit to this system is the ability of the treatment technicians to move the actual source of the heat easily into the affected areas of the home that have the highest concentration of the bed bugs in them.

The electric heat systems now in use for bed bugs are arguably more effective than the propane, however, the heaters themselves are not extremely powerful relative to the 'HTF' (see below). 

Heat treating with electric involves moving high-voltage units with their accompanying high-voltage power lines into a home.Most systems use the resident’s power to supply the source to run the equipment. This, coupled with the heating elements themselves can pose an obvious risk over overloading ciruits.In addition, the electric method often takes much longer to heat the space simultaneously to ensure a total kill of all bed bugs and their eggs.

Electric heat systems are better (in some ways) and worse (in some ways) than the propane but fall far short in efficacy relative to the system described below and may pose significant safety hazards while being used.

Our Choice:  Hydronic

And, finally – as the first bed bug only pest control company in Southern Nevada that was started in 2008, we did our research before just investing in any equipment.  We know what works and what works best and we wanted to provide our clients with the very best option to kill bed bugs.

The Hydronic System is simply the best on the market for killing bed bugs.  This system is quite ingenious in its simplicity. Here are the basics of how it works...

A simple “green” fluid is heated by a high-power burners (located in a relatively small and discrete trailer) and pumped through lines to heat transfer units that are placed strategically inside the home.Our system operates much like a simple radiator system. The hot fluid goes through the heat exchangers and fans transfer the clean heat to the surrounding air.

Supplemental fans are placed in the space to ensure total and even airflow. There is constant flow of hot fluid circulating through the system at all times. This enables the system to consistently raise the temperature in the entire structure all at one time, killing bed bugs consecutively and not driving them away into other rooms or hiding places!

This type of system enables your heat treatment crew to raise the temperature of the treatment area quickly and sufficiently to ensure a 100% thorough job each and every time.We are even monitor temperatures remotely to ensure lethal temperatures are achieved, all while not damaging any items in the structure.

The primary benefits of K-9 Sweeps bed bug heat treatment:

Since we are not a “new” company that is just starting heat treatment, we have the required knowledge and years of experience to correctly handle any bed bug situation we encounter.

Absolutely no risk of fire.

Sufficient temperature evenly distributed to ensure that the bed bugs are not repelled and guarantee a 100% kill

It's “green” as in it does not use a huge amount of electricity, propane or produce extra gaseous emissions.

It works – guaranteed.


Considering the above mentioned comparisons it is clear that our system is the safest and most effective system for bed bug heat eradication.

When selecting a bed bug heat extermination company in Las Vegas it is important to know that there is so much more to being successful than just putting in heaters and fans.Specific knowledge, and a lot of it, is required!


When all is taken into consideration - there is simply no better option than a heat treatment to solve a bed bug problem.But when selecting a company you are cautioned not to necessarily go with the lowest price. Ensure that the company is legitimate, ensure that they have experience, ask for proof of insurance – we recommend a minimum of 2 million dollars.

Take note that a company that quotes on the very low end may just be starting and you don’t want to be the “guinea pig”.Some, but not all, simply may not have the knowledge and may not take the time required to do the job correctly (they would have to do more jobs to make up for the low price and take less time per job to do so - makes sense right?!).Again, just do your homework before making a decision.

The average price for bed bug heat treatment in Las Vegas is $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot and the time that it should take for a typical residential heat treatment is between 8 and 10 hours depending on the size of the home, the amount of furnishings and personal items that are being treated, and of course, the severity of the bed bug infestation inside the home.Be wary of low ball prices.Remember you get what you pay for.

Of course, after doing our research, most heat treatment companies offer at least a 3 month warranty – but – do you really want to have your home heat over and over again, do you want the inconvenience of having to prepare your home and vacate over and over again – or do you just want your problem solved the 1st time.Just something to consider.
Have a question, don't hesitate to call.

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