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Jack of all Trades, Master of Bed Bugs. Definitely Not!
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Jack of all Trades…Master of Bed Bugs?

Definitely NOT!

Joe Restifo, K-9 Sweeps LLC
April 30, 2014


You all have heard the saying Jack of all Trades Master of None. This saying could not be truer when it comes to eliminating bed bugs.

There are over 300 licensed pest control companies in Clark County.  All other companies focus on general pest control, monthly services, pigeon control, bee control, etc.

I bet you did not know there is only one company based in Las Vegas that services bed bugs exclusively, that’s right K-9 Sweeps is the only one!

Why does this matter you may ask?  Bed bugs are the most difficult pest for professionals to deal with.  This fact is from a national survey of over 2,000 pest control companies.  So ask yourself if you have the unfortunate encounter with bed bugs, who would you want to hire? A Jack of all Trades or the Master of Bed Bugs! You can’t have it both ways.

Over the years we have been fixing failed bed bug treatments performed by other companies. I am writing this as it is sad to speak with customers over and over again who have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on these failed treatments and also lost thousands of dollars on replacement furniture because the pest control company told them to throw it all away! This has to stop!

So how can you tell if the company you are speaking with will cost effectively remove this pest from your life, without wasting your hard earned money?

Here are a few clues that your money may soon be wasted:

No bed bug specialist can tell you how much your bed bug problem will cost over the phone! No two jobs are the same, length of infestation, spread of infestation, amount of infested furniture, etc.  We can give you an idea of cost, but sight unseen we are only guessing.

  1. A company is willing to treat for bed bugs the same day you call or treat for bed bugs without visiting your home first!  There will be some work for the homeowner to perform before a legitimate bed bug treatment can start.
  2. A company tells you again sight unseen that you need to bag every article of clothing and wash and dry it.  This should tip you off that they really don’t know or care where the bed bugs are located.  This is also a huge unnecessary workload for you.
  3. A company tells you to move your furniture away from the walls!  Ask yourself this…Why?  The answer is so they can spray around the room, baseboards and backs of furniture, just like this jack of all trades does outside your house for ants!! (more on this below).
  4. A company tells you to throw out your furniture.  All furniture can be saved so please don’t fall for this.  This has wasted thousands of dollars for people.  Just remember if you have to by replacement furniture this cost should be added to the treatment cost. This will be your new TOTAL cost of there bed bug treatment!
  5. A company shows up at your house ready to start your bed bug service and they show up with a pump sprayer and little else. (The reason why you had to move your furniture away from the walls).  You know like the can you see some companies use when they walk around your house to do your monthly service. This is a huge big fat warning sign that your money will soon be wasted. Spray and pray for bed bugs?  No way, no how!
  6. A company offers no warranty, 30 day warranty or their warranty is for you to pay for monthly service.  A true bed bug warranty is 90 days or more, with no monthly contract attached, this number is based on bed bug biology.  You will have to call us to ask why.

So here is what you can do to make sure your money will not be wasted.

Call a few companies and see if they give some of the answers above.  Or better yet after you call about your bed bug issue and they give you a firm quote over the phone sight unseen (uh oh), make sure you ask them how they are going to treat.  If they say they spray for bed bugs make a note of this.  Now call them back later (as a different customer) and give them the similar information on your house size, but tell them instead of bed bugs it is ants or roaches you are seeing inside the house.  I bet your price went way down.  Why if they are using the same sprayer and are just walking around spraying!

Chemical application for bed bugs can work if… it is the last line of defense.  Meaning the company is not just coming in and spraying or fogging for bed bugs. Thing’s like HEPA vacuuming, dry vapor steaming, Cryonite (freezing) and dusting need to happen first.


Side note: if a company says they fog for bed bugs…hang up the phone fast because your bed bug problem is about to become worse.

Don’t believe me?  Click this link, it will bring you to research out of Ohio State University that found that fogger's have little impact on bed bugs.  The insecticide mist from fogger's had no adverse effects on any bed bugs that were in harborages — their typical location.

Have a bed bug question, just give us a call.  702-586-5179.

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