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Really Cheap Bed Bug Spraying in Las Vegas!
Posted At: May 14, 2014 1:59 PM | Posted By : admin

There's a new bed bug website in Vegas!  This is great news if you have bed bugs and need bed bug extermination in Las Vegas!  Just remember, as I always say...do your research!  As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for.

As a bed bug only company, I try to stay up to date not only on everything and anything pertaining to bed bugs; but also what other companies are doing.  After all, this is a business and it is important to know what your competition is doing if you plan to stay competitive.

I came across a new website and found the bed bug removal offer very intriguing!  It caught my attention because is says that they'll "spray your whole house for really cheap!

So is that good news or bad news?

The Good News:  It's cheap so if you want your house "sprayed" for bed bugs; then proceed.  Or just call a monthly pest control company -- typically the going rate for "spraying" a residence for bugs is $25.00 - $45.00 per month (on average).

The Bad News:  Spraying for bed bugs does not work.  If you want bed bugs eliminated - continue doing your research!

So anyway, I anonymously contacted XYZ company in Las Vegas.  I received an immediate response which was awesome.  They even said they could come "spray" as soon as tomorrow! [hmmm, and I thought preparation would be required and an inspection to see how bad it is and to confirm what rooms have bed bugs].  Well anyway, here's the bed bug question and answer session that I got such a kick out of:

Question #1:  Do you guarantee your Bed Bug Removal @ $125 per 100 square feet of  infestation (10'x10' room) and how will you get rid of them? We have 2 bedrooms with the bedbugs.

Response:  Yes if you clean the room we use a few chemicals on the floor, under furniture and in cracks then we use a non residue chemical to soak in your bed, 2 beds might require extra chemical. You could cover your mattresses for 13 months to get rid of them as well.

Well, this may sound good - but do you want something spraying a "non residue chemical to soak into your bed?  READ THIS: 

Treatment of Beds with Pesticides

Never treat a bed with pesticides unless you are using a product that has been specifically designed and intended for richard mille replica such use. It is equally important that you follow all pesticide label directions carefully and that you never use a product in a manner that is inconsistent with the label directions. Very few pesticides are allowed to be used to treat beds due to the obvious concerns associated with pesticide exposure, but there are some EPA registered pesticide products that do have label directions permitting various types of treatments to mattresses and box springs. However, just because you can treat beds with certain products doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to do so.

We do not recommend treating infested beds for the following reasons. First, most pesticides work well on contact, but not nearly as well as a dry residual. This means that bugs you spray directly will typically die, but many of the bugs that encounter the treated surfaces after the chemical has dried are likely to survive. The question must then be asked; why spray bugs that you can see when a vacuum cleaner or steam can accomplish the same thing? In addition, because many chemicals are not very effective when dry, repeated applications will need to be made to deal with the new bugs as they arrive at the bed from surrounding areas. Thus it is our opinion that the repeated use of pesticides on sleeping surfaces results in an unnecessary level of pesticide exposure that could have been avoided through the use of effective non-chemical measures.

Question #2:   Okay for $125 when can you do it.  I will clean rooms.  Are you a licensed pest control and how long is the warranty.

Response:  When is good for you? I can schedule as soon as tomorrow.

Question #3:  How long is the warranty?

Response:  3 months with entire home sprayed and kept clean as bed bugs travel on roaches, clothing and animals.

Question #4:  Are you a licensed pest control company or a contractor?  [I had to ask this question twice]

No I resell for XYZ pest and they are the best I was so impressed I do this to help them drum up business. Fully Insured and licensed. They spray I just do their Internet bookings. I'll need to ask them about asthma but the chemicals are pet and child safe and leave no smell. Empty dressers they spray all!

Question #5:  So do you do spraying or do they do it.  My husband will want to know  who is doing it.  Also, what about the bedbugs in my dressers and the closet.  The  kids room is bunkbeds - wood one.  My toddler is 3 has allergies and asthma will your spray stuff be ok for him.

Response:  I'll have to find out and get back to you.

I never heard back after that final response.

Okay, so why am I taking the time to write this for you?  Because it matters.  Here are the important facts about this conversation:

I did my research and XYZ pest does have a pest control license, but they do not have a city, county or state license as required to conduct business in the State of Nevada.  I was unable to verify insurance information.

Bed bugs do NOT travel on roaches.

A lot of Las Vegas exterminators are now spraying for bed bugs!  [I highly recommend that you do research and read more about spraying for bed bugs vs. eliminating bed bugs].

To eliminate bed bugs it requires a lot more than spraying.  Don't be fooled. I can't reiterate enough that whether you know or just think that you have bed bugs - do your research from CREDIBLE websites, call knowledgeable companies, ask a lot of questions!  Here's the most recent post from the owner of K-9 Sweeps, and yes, he is a true bed bug specialist.

Here you can read our customer reviews and testimonials.  We will be more than happy to put you in touch with our former customers so you can verify our success.  [remember, anyone can write anything online].  To date, I have not found any services comparable to K-9 Sweeps bed bug services.


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