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Bed Bug Extermination: Why Do I Need A Bed Bug Warranty?
Las Vegas Bed Bug Heat Treatment and Extermination
Posted At: June 12, 2014 8:48 AM | Posted By : admin

Great article and great information if you are looking for bed bug heat treatment in Las Vegas! 

This article was written by Chad Engler.  Chad is the creator/owner of Big Bed Bug Blog and the lead technician for Dead Hot Bugs in Columbus, Ohio he oversees every heat treatment. Trained by the equipment manufacturer, he has been with the company since day one. Prior to that, Chad was a technical writer and IT Business Analyst for a fortune 25 pharmaceutical distributor.  Kudos to Mr. Engler for writing such informative posts with knowledgeable content.

The following came into Dead Hot Bed Bugs from a customer with bed bugs. Do yourself a favor and only hire companies that offer a guarantee.

"First off let me state I am physically disabled,swiss replica watches almost 60 and I live on social security as my income. Over a year ago I start getting bites and through deduction found out I had bed bugs. I could not figure out how I was going to be able to get rid of them because I didn’t have the money to pay for a company to get kill them. My help finally came in the very worst way, my Mom died and I received my inheritance of $1500. On 10/28/13 I paid a heat exterminating company $1100 to do my house. I had to leave my home and go to a hotel because I didn’t have any place else to go. My house cats had to sit in a cage outside. We were all unhappy at the change to our routine. When I returned home I was shocked at the damage the heat had caused, every plastic bottle in the house had a rounded bottom, window blinds were sagging in the middle, plastic totes were collapsed from the heat, the mechanism that works the toilet was melted and the water wouldn’t shut off, plastic items were melted. I still have not had the money to replace some items. I was concerned because the man who came in to do the initial inspection had told me how certain items would be handled.I have a collection of magazines under my bed and he said paper things would be bagged with special strips to kill the bugs because paper is a good hiding place for them. I had a stack of books on the floor and neither the books or the magazines were moved. But I figured if the bugs were gone…..oh well, they knew what they were doing and I guess it was worth the loss to get rid of the stress of the bugs. I was finally relieved that I could turn out the light and go to sleep. Until about a month ago I woke up to bites. I just sat and cried in disbelief. I can’t think about going through the trauma of another heat treatment. They are still here. I know I did not bring them in from somewhere else because I am home bound and I do not leave my house and nobody who has come here has them. I have gone back to staying awake all night with the light on and trying to sleep during the day. Last night I killed 12 bugs during the night. I don’t know what I will do but at least maybe I could get an estimate to see what your company would charge to kill them. and hope and pray for the money while I’m getting gradually eaten alive."

I don’t know who she originally hired. My guess it was a couple of goofballs with a propane heater masquerading as professional bed bug heat treatment exterminators. Don’t be fooled. Know what kind of system they are using and always, always, always get a guarantee.

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