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3 Ways to Lower Your Bed Bug Extermination Costs
Posted At: June 23, 2014 6:06 PM | Posted By : admin

3 Ways to Lower Bed Bug Costs

If you’re like most people in Las Vegas you don't have a savings account for getting rid of bed bugs.  Unfortunately bed bugs are on the rise in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, and you are not alone in trying to figure out the cheapest and least expensive way to get rid of bed bugs.  So what can be done to reduce the treatment cost of bed bugs while still ensuring the treatment is effective?

Bed bugs are unlike any other household pest.  Due to many factors, like their resistance to certain chemicals and their ability to hide almost anywhere, there is no single easy method to get rid of bed bugs that a homeowner can do on there own.  There are even some pest control companies that specialize in bed bug elimination and bed bug heat treatment.

If you do hire a Las Vegas Pest Control company the #1 rule of thumb is to get a warranty on the treatment and get it in writing.  We recommend 90 days with no strings attached and no requirement for monthly pest control afterwards.

Why not a 30 day warranty?  Well, since a pregnant bed bug can lay up to a dozen eggs a day, and up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. Bed bugs begin to feeding immediately, and can reach sexual maturity in as little as three weeks. If you don’t have a least a 60 day warranty (preferably more) and you don't follow every step thoroughly, you may end up cutting down your infestation only to have it repopulate right after your 30 day warranty expires.

Since spraying alone doesn't eliminate bed bugs, if you want to attempt do-it-yourself pest control, do your research from credible sources as to what really works and what doesn't.   I can't begin to count the number of customer's that call after they've attempt self treating or have had other companies that came in and treated and they still have bed bugs.  By this point most have unnecessarily thrown out beds and furniture, bought new furniture, purchased and installed bed bug mattress covers, some have even removed carpeting or even moved only to find out they still have bed bugs.

If you are fighting bed bugs, here are some easy ways to save money during your treatment process:

1. Don’t throw away your mattress or furniture

Discarded mattress with bed bugs

Probably the most common mistake is discarding their mattress and box spring after they discover bed bugs. Many are even encouraged to do so by pest control professionals, who suggest that it will make the treatment process easier.  Throwing away your bed does not help a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are not just in beds:  they can be hiding in nightstands, dressers, closets, wall voids, and in cracks and crevices.  As soon as you bring in a new bed, bed bugs will re-infest it.  Oh, and you can't vacate the room because bed bugs will move too!

2. Don’t waste money on ineffective solutions

There are lots of bed bug treatment ideas online.  People suggest things like cedar oil, ammoia, fogging and setting off bed bug bombs, rubbing alcohol, diatomaceous earth (DE), etc. that will kill bed bugs cheaply.  Some of these ideas may have some merit behind them, and may kill SOME bed bugs if you try them. However, you are much better off doing it right from the beginning.

Rather than spend time and money putting together your own treatment methods, that may or may not work, do your research and call and hire a company that will evaluate your specific bed bug problem and recommend the right treatment option based on what is needed to eliminate your specific bed bug problem.  If a company can provide your with a firm price for bed bug extermination over the phone, hang up and move on to the next company.  There is no way they should be able to quote a price without specifics.  Look at it this way, could you bring your car to a shop to be repaired without the repair shop diagnosing what needs to be fixed?  It's the same with bed bugs!

3. Don’t skip steps in your treatment process

Following every step in a bed bug treatment is critical to success. Skipping steps can lead to a failed treatment.  Follow all instructions carefully, but make sure the instructions are from a credible company and or source.

Bed bug pest control needs to be customized to your situation.  You will want to hire a company that gives bed bug treatment options.  Options include heat treatment (now again, do your research - there's a difference between heat treatment and steaming) and chemical options along with Integrated Pest Management solutions.  IPM means that you must use multiple products and multiple methods in combination to effectively kill bed bugs.  Since spraying alone for bed bugs doesn't work, taking shortcuts and skipping steps will only lower the chances for successful bed bug elimination.

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