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So How Come My Las Vegas Pest Control Company Does Not Treat for Bed Bugs?
Posted At: July 23, 2014 4:57 PM | Posted By : admin

The core business of most Las Vegas pest control companies is comprised of monthly recurring routes including treating for termites, mosquitoes, bees, cockroaches, pigeons, rodents and lawn care.  If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator it is recommended that you do your research.

Why are bed bugs different?

To expand and keep up with the bed bug epidemic, and to be successful, requires a whole new mindset, not to mention a lot of knowledge, marketing, investing in not just equipment but the RIGHT bed bug heat treatment equipment, training and a major commitment to shift gears from general monthly pest control to learning how to find and eliminate bed bugs.

On The Flip Side Way Back When...

Back in 2008, K-9 Sweeps anticipated the bed bug outbreak and got in early on the ground floor when bed bug outbreaks were just becoming more widespread.  K-9 Sweeps Chief Operating Officer says the company has refined its policies and procedures over time and even takes on jobs that other companies don’t want. Additionally, K-9 Sweeps has become the local 'bed bug only' pest control expert for both residential, commercial and local pest control companies that simply don't want to tackle bed bugs.

In 2008, the company purchased it's first bed bug dog, but as the bed bug epidemic grew there were very few options for customer's with bed bugs, and very few companies that could effectively eliminate infestations so the company began researching bed bug treatment options and eventually expanded into bed bug treatment and bed bug heat treatment.  To date, K-9 Sweeps has the most advanced services for bed bugs, including hydronic heat treat equipment.

We target and service both residential and commercial customers including apartments, homes, Las Vegas rental properties, group homes, assisted living facilities, senior housing, offices, hotels and motels and apartment complexes.

Many Las Vegas Exterminators and Henderson Pest Control companies use our services for their customer's now.  Since spraying alone does not 100% eliminate bed bugs, we began subcontracting bed bug pest control jobs from other pest management companies, knowing they’d be taking on some difficult jobs.  “That’s what is nice about being a bed bug only company - with our bed bug dog services and our bed bug heat treatment — we can go in there and solve the problem. Since we don't offer general monthly pest control, we don't take their customers,” the owner says.

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